Communication basics for building great relationships & avoiding conflicts ⠀⠀

⁣It’s alarming how it’s mostly about HOW it’s being said, not WHAT is being said. I have come to the conclusion that most arguments & fights happen due to miscommunication & misinterpretation. Following are some basic communication reminders for all of us:⠀

1. Always use I instead of you. I felt angry when you said that. Rather than You made me feel angry

⁣2. Talk slowly and say each word clearly⠀⠀

⁣3. Never point fingers at someone esp while addressing them⠀

4. Before criticism, praise the positive ⠀⠀

5. Criticize privately, praise publicly⠀⠀

6. Keep a check on your tone; it should never exceed the threshold no
matter how angry you feel ⠀⠀

7. Make sure they can hear you very clearly: Be at the same level; adjust volume according to the sound surroundings; consider background noise
8. Keep your body language and gestures open for positive communication e.g. Show palms, face them and talk slowly⠀⠀

9. When you’re nervous about an interview/presentation, the best advice is to speak slowly (speaking fast is a sign of nervousness/anxiety). It also lets you think before you speak⠀⠀

10. When very angry, avoid speaking at all until you calm down and are able to think more rationally. Instead, try the following: drink water, sit if your standing, wash face or count till 10⠀⠀

11. Talk only when it’s your turn. At their turn, resist the urge to interrupt & listen to them carefully ⠀

12. Nod for what you agree on ⠀⠀

13. Eye contact lets everyone know that you’re listening and present in the conversation ⠀⠀

14. Always say please, sorry & thank you ⠀⠀

15. Respect personal space. Don’t get too close to them

16. Don’t be blunt. Talk nicely and warmly⠀⠀

17. Be extra cautious while communicating via text as it can be easily misinterpreted⠀

18. Incorporate ‘blending’ in conversations to build a rapport. It means copying gestures & tone volume of the other person in a subtle manner⠀

19. Think before you speak! Don’t just say anything to anyone. 1st analyze if it’s meaningful, makes sense & is being said to the right person⠀

20. Don’t use the phone when you’re talking to people. If you really must attend an important call/message, first seek permission from the ones around you before picking it up. ⠀

Tell me which point you most agree with?

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