I was a complete tom boy till the age of 20. That was when I got my ears pierced as well. Since then, I have been fond of wearing earrings, necklaces, nose pins and rings. I think jewellery is one of the main factors that differentiate men from women. I know i may be overstating but when I look at myself without earrings in the mirror, I resemble a boy. That’s probably why I always have them on, as long as I’m awake.
DIY: Using shoe boxes for jewelry organizing
I soon realized that placing my jewelry in a drawer was futile as it would get badly entangled and one couldn’t really choose which ones to wear as they weren’t displayed. I kept surveying the markets in Karachi but never found any organizers. In my mind I had a new product idea with all my earrings displayed on a frame. I then made a DIY earring stand with a shoe box by making holes in it using a ball point. I hung all my earrings on it. During the ‘New Product Development’ course in MBA Marketing, I really wanted to work on the idea of creating a customized earring stand but unfortunately I haven’t been able to start that business yet. Hopefully one day soon.
My grandfathers tennis racket which I used as an earring stand
In 2008 while living in Coventry, I was working for Kleeneze that sells thousands of household goods within the UK. Once I was sitting on a pavement in the snow, tired from the days work and blankly stared at my client’s bill which is when it struck me. Her order contained a foldable earring stand which I had in my trolley to be delivered to her house. I immediately took it out and looked at the earring stand box amazed as it looked exactly like the new product I had in mind. It could hold over 200 earrings and other accessories. I got so tempted to get that for myself. It took me about 6 months to finally be able to purchase it. Probably the best buy of my life. Following is a picture of it.
Earring stand I bought from Kleeneze, UK
Expensive Jewellery like gold or platinum, has already been mentioned in Finance & Asset Management. That is best kept inside lockers with lists or labels. In case you keep some at home, make sure its always locked up properly. Here in this post, we will only be talking about inexpensive junk jewellery, which you can afford to hang around in your room.
IMG-20141007-WA0000 My mom uses a spare metal frame I discovered in my store as a jewellery stand
Jewelry can either be put inside a drawer directly or displayed in an arrangement.  In the first option, it can get tangled badly and you won’t be able to see all the stock to decide what to wear. I believe that jewelry is best kept when its displayed. No point of buying what you can’t see and wear when the time comes. Displaying it will make sure you have it all in front of you so you choose the best matching one exactly when you need it, even at a minute’s notice.
I made this DIY jewelry frame using nails, hooks and wires

Types of Jewellery organizers

1. Purchased from the market

Hanging jewellery holder

collage Examples of cupboard style, over the door and hanging jewellery holders
Many kinds of jewellery/earring/necklace/bracelet/statue stands are available in the market today like over the door, cupboard style and hanging holders. Interestingly they are still not popular in any country that I have been to. One really needs to search for them. Your best bet is online channels like E-bay or Amazon. Following are some earring stand designs you can choose from:
Following are the most common types of Statue jewelry organizers available for purchase.
Examples of statue Jewelry organizers
20141008_022216 My statue jewelry organizer which I use for my hair bands

2. Custom made by carpenter

In case you are an enthusiast and want to get one custom made then you could get hold of a carpenter and order one. When I was young, my mom ordered a bangle stand from a carpenter. It was really good, served the purpose well. I would now be sharing some picture collages for customized wood work. In many cases these cost less than buying one from a store. Because they are custom made, they would serve your purpose better than ready made ones. Here are some ideas for bangle/bracelet stands:
Examples of bangle/bracelet stands
Following are some ideas for jewelry holders which can be ordered through a carpenter.
collage collage
Examples of custom made jewelry organizers

3. DIY

The third option, for all those who are creative and like to save money at the same time, is to create jewellery organizers yourself.
Many kinds of jewelry stands can be made with little or no effort or price attached to them. I would now be sharing some ideas which may be handy for you guys when it comes to creating your own organizers.

a. Clothing hanger – loops screws

Simply attach loop screws to hang necklaces on a hanger in the cupboard. This way all your necklaces would be neatly displayed without any hassle.

0dc558b88aba5f3716f917b0139fab7db. Ice-cube trays

Keeping an inexpensive ice cube tray will make sure your chains, bracelets don’t get enmeshed and your rings are sorted separately yet efficiently in the drawer or cupboard.


c. DIY Jewelry Frames – using simple nails, wires, gauze & lace

Using a frame for jewelry organization is one of the most effective DIY ideas. A frame on the wall gives the jewelry a very neat look. A simple frame can be used with nails to hold earrings, bracelets and necklaces as shown below:
Using nails in DIY jewelry frame
collagesdsv More examples of using nails in DIY jewellery frames
Wires can be used in DIY jewelry frames very effectively. Following are some examples of using wires in frames.
Examples of using wires in DIY jewelry & glasses frames
Gauze is great to use in DIY earring frames. Perfect way to display your earrings on the wall.
Examples of using gauze in DIY jewelry frames
Using lace in DIY frames gives them an elegant and posh look. Following are different types of laces used to make a frame.
Examples of using lace in DIY jewelry frames

d. Hinged – on photo frames or paintings on the wall

Another simple idea is to insert small hooks at the bottom of frames which are already on the wall. I can’t say it will look neat but it may look interesting with bright and cheerful necklaces. It may add a funky look to your room.

Example of attaching hooks under frames

e. Tree branches and twigs

This is one of the most innovative yet gorgeous ideas of DIY jewelry stands. You can easily go outside after a storm and look for any branches that have been cut off and put them in a vase on your table and hang jewelry there. Another idea would be to put ferry lights on it to add even more bling and excitement to a depressing room.
 Example of using branches for sorting jewellery

f. Cheese Grater

Interestingly an inexpensive cheese grater from your nearest grocery store makes a perfect earring stand. Normally a grater is never painted so get yourself a spray paint and spray it any color of your choice.
Example of cheese grater used as earring stand

g. Chain

We often have spare chains in our house. I often have old dog chains or chain belts which I no longer use. These would make perfect earring holders. Just nail both sides on a wall and start hanging them up.
Example of using chain in DIY earring holder

h. Wood samples

Very often, we are left with unused samples of wood in our garage which we don’t want to throw away. One can quite easily make a jewellery stands using these. I personally think wood samples make classy jewelry organizers. All you need to do is come up with an idea. Following are some proposals.
Examples of using wood samples for jewelry organization

i. Empty drink bottles

If you can’t afford to buy a bracelet/bangle holder, you can use empty drink bottles instead. They look quite interesting if used in the following ways:
Examples of using bottles as DIY jewelry stand

j. Hardware – Handles, knobs & racks

Home owners usually have a stock of hardware equipment in their store or garage. These could be used in your DIY jewelry organizers for hanging different types of jewelry. Knobs and racks are great for this purpose.
Example of using hardware for DIY jewelry stand

k. Bathroom accessories

Accessories like towel rod attached with shower curtain hooks and toilet paper holder can be used to place necklaces and bangles.

l. Sport racket

Old sport rackets make perfect earring stands and give a great vintage look to your room. Its very convenient to just hang the racket on the wall and place earrings on it.  I am currently, very proudly using my grandfather’s tennis racket from 1930s. I wouldn’t like it to be thrown in the store or given away because of being redundant. My family is a great believer in using nostalgic, vintage items for different purposes, decoration and for remembrance. I would be writing a post soon on how I used my dad’s key collection as decoration in my room. These were things I didn’t want to throw away so I garnished my room with them. Stay tuned in for that post.

m. Hanging hooks (normally behind bathroom doors)

Here is another simple idea to hang jewellery on hanging hooks available easily from any hardware store near your house. These are great for bracelets, necklaces and even rings but won’t help earrings much. I used hanging hooks on my yellow DIY jewellery frame as shown above in this post.
Example of using hanging hooks for organization

n. Mug tree as bangle holder

Mug trees are easily available in crockery stores. They not only organize your mugs in the kitchen perfectly, but also make great holders for your bracelets and even necklaces.

Using mug tree for jewellery

o. Mesh waste basket turned upside down

Mesh is one of the most commonly available waste basket designs in the market. All you do is buy yourself a new one (so its not mucky), turn it upside down, and hang all your fancy earrings on it.
 Upside down mesh basket as earring stand

My Favourite Jewellery organizing blog

Hey guys, check out this post by PMP Mom which will give you some more ideas for jewellery organization.


So these were some ideas for sorting all the bling in your life. Has any of you organised jewellery in the same way as discussed here? I would love to hear your experiences. If any of you uses a different way to hold your jewellery, I would love to hear from you too. Have a great day!
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