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Even the smallest leaks can cause big problems in your home. Whether it’s a plumbing leak or a rainwater leak, it’s important to take action. Below are a few reasons that you shouldn’t ignore that leak.

Water damage

Rainwater leaks and plumbing leaks can result in water getting into places it shouldn’t. Wooden floorboards can start to rot, mortar in walls can start to crumble and metal in windows and frames can rust. This can all be expensive to repair – sometimes causing homeowners thousands of dollars. 

Water damage can also be dangerous if the structural integrity of your home is affected. For example, a ceiling of floorboards may eventually give way if they become too damp, which could be dangerous to anyone walking above or standing below. Electrics can also be damaged by water – on top of causing outlets to stop working, this could increase the risk of fires or electric shocks if these leaks are not taken care of. 

Mold growth

Nobody wants mold growing in their home. Not only does mold look and smell bad – it can also be a health hazard. This is because mold releases spores into the air, which when breathed in can irritate our airways and lungs. In serious cases, people can develop a disease known as aspergillosis in which mold starts to grow inside the lungs. Fortunately, mold can be easily eliminated using various anti-mold sprays – however it will keep coming back unless you tackle the source. Mold only grows in damp environments, and undetected leaks can often be a cause of this dampness.  

Pest problems

Damp from leaks can also attract household pests. Mosquitoes, cockroaches and rodents are all attracted to damp environments. Many pests found in basements are attracted to basement leaks. To stop these critters nesting in your home, it’s worth patching up leaks as soon as you notice them. Sealing up cracks around your home can prevent moisture getting in and prevent pests getting in. 

High water bills

Certain plumbing leaks like dripping taps are unlikely to lead to damage, mold growth or pest problems because the water is still going down the plughole where it’s supposed to go. However, these types of leaks can still lead to a hefty water bill. A leak of 10 drips per minute can waste almost a gallon per day. Unrepaired leaks from hot water faucets can be particularly costly as they can also increase your energy bills. This is why you should hire a local plumber to fix these leaks as soon as possible. The longer you leave them, the more you’ll pay. 

Low water pressure

Leaks from water pipes often lead to low water pressure from faucets. In fact, low water pressure is often a tell-tale sign of a leak. Low water pressure is more of an inconvenience than anything else, however it can cause damage to appliances like washing machines and dishwashers that may not be getting the right amount of water flowing into them to function properly. Fix up plumbing leaks early to prevent this. 

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