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Can a woman make a marriage proposal to a man? Absolutely. In fact, a growing number of women are popping the question.

It may be tradition for the man to ask the woman. However, there’s no law that says it has to be this way. For women, there can be many advantages to proposing to a man. Of course, there can also be some risks, which are always worth considering. This post weighs up the pros and cons, as well as offering some advice on how to make a successful proposal as a woman. 

Why propose as a woman?

A marriage proposal can be the ultimate romantic gesture. While many women feel that it is the man’s job to prove their love, proposing to a man could be a chance to express your love to them. You could do this by proposing first, or by proposing back after they have already proposed to you. 

Proposing first also allows you to have some control over the future of your relationship. If you’re eager to get married now, you can hurry along the process by asking the question now instead of having to potentially wait for years until they propose. You can also confirm whether they actually want to get married or not.

You also get to choose the setting, allowing you to act out your dream proposal. On top of this, you don’t have to worry about them buying a ring that is the wrong style or the wrong size. If you have a preference for unique engagement rings, popping the question could allow you to then shop for a ring together so that you don’t get something boring and traditional. All in all, it could take the pressure off of your partner and allow you to choose the right setting and the right ring.

The risks of proposing

Some men may feel that they are being emasculated if you propose to them as it is typically the role of the man. Your partner may also get frustrated if they already had a proposal planned and you steal their thunder. 

As a result, you may not always get the reaction you hoped for. If they respond angrily, this is probably a red flag. In most cases, you can expect some shock and confusion simply because it’s not the done thing.

How to do it right

It’s mostly up to you as to how you propose. You can make a grand statement out of it or you can simply ask depending on what you think will work best. 

Public proposals are very risky, especially as you don’t know how they will respond, so you may want to keep it private. Planning a surprise romantic dinner at home or proposing in a hotel room could be a great way to do it. 

It could be worth telling your partner that they still have the option of proposing back. This allows them to still carry out any proposal plans they may have had and it also gives you the experience of being proposed to. 

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