Have you ever been caressed by the winds?

Have you ever danced in the rain?
Have you ever embraced life’s precious moments?
Have you ever fancied walking on the most deadly lane?

Zugspitzblick, Austria

Have you ever slurped the undrinkable?
Have you ever witnessed the unseen?
Have you ever survived the unlivable?
Have you ever dwelled where you’ve never been?

Have you ever uttered all the wrong words?
Just when the time was right
Have you ever felt astounded
Stepping into darkness from light?

Have you ever feared perfection?
For calamity befalls when things are exact
Have you ever felt the pain of happiness?
Have you ever attempted to undo a fact?

Have you ever felt the excitement
Of breaking the utmost norm?
Have you ever seen a smooth breezy day
Change into a frightful storm?

Have you ever felt the agony
Of being betrayed through lies?
Have you ever said you’re sorry
When you know it’s too late to apologize?

Have you ever felt that you were a fool all along
When you are cheated by your loved ones?
Have you ever done the correct deed
For all the wrong reasons?

Have you ever recalled your comfort
On a hateful day?
Have you ever seen happiness
Fling all your dreams away?

Jumeira beach, Dubai

Have you ever lost the sense of time?
Have you ever really pretended to care?
Have you ever walked a million steps
To a friend who was never there?

Have you ever lost the essence of life?
Have you ever fought to lose a game?
Have you ever owned up to a murder?
Only to save your love the blame

Have you ever wondered
That you really have it made?
Then suddenly time grips you off guard
And you see yourself fade

Have you ever taken out a moment or two
To reflect the reason you were born?
Have you ever prepared for that reality?
Do you doubt that you too will soon be gone?

Written in 2008
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  1. Omg, its beautiful. Loved it. 😀 please post more poems.

  2. Thank you Ayesha. I will IA.

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