Genealogy Journal – Part VII (Keepsakes)

Genealogy Journal – Part VII (Keepsakes)

Good morning! For about a month or so, we have been going through my Genealogy Journal on this blog. We started off with Introduction, then we moved on to My Pedigree where each of my ancestor was dedicated a page up till my great great grandparents. Then Important Finds section followed with 3 pages dedicated to those relatives whom I found through my Ancestry Research. Then Family Trees section follows which has my family trees up till 5 generations, the first ancestor from 1500s. After that Blogs & Articles section followed with important articles through this journey. Today is the final part of this journal which is Keepsakes. 

No Genealogy Journal would be complete without memories from the past. so I thought I had to have a section where I have a collection of my forefathers handwriting, telegrams, cards or souvenirs. Some things that remind us of them. 

 Gravestone of my Nani’s father, card from Nani’s aunt Peggy and my moms college ID card

A letter from my Nani’s father to her and one from her mother to her 

Letters from Nani’s grandpop and granny to her  

My dads, my great grand father and great great grandfather’s handwriting on envelopes

Addresses of my father, mother, grandparents written by ancestors 

My Nana’s army card, a telegram congratulating my Nana Nani on their wedding

Death certificate of my father 

Surag side of our family tree with my Nana jaan 

Dandi side of family tree with my Nana jan 

 Some more diagrams


Second last page made up of real leaves

A humorous side  

Last page of the journal
 We’re all stories in the end!
The hardcover 

Thank you so much for taking out the time to see my Journal. I hope you liked it. I know it was a very comprehensive project and it was long but I thought it wouldn’t be fair to only share a bit of it so I decided to cut it into parts. Thanks for your patience and I hope it provoked some thought on your ancestors. I would love to know where you come from.

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  1. I so want to make one, but I do not have any letters or writings of my forefathers, but I have loads of other stuff! I will start making it from 8th June! *fingers crossed* Oh! And now, I should probably study for the Biology test tomorrow! *Faints thinking about the test*

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