Welcome back. Today’s post is a continuation of the first part where I started sharing my journal on the subject Ancestry. If you missed out that part, Here is a link. Today I will be starting to share its My Pedigree section which starts off with a family tree of my pedigree.
The Pedigree section starts from this page
Then follows another page of my pedigree along with some important facts. Normally people have 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great grand parents and 16 great great grandparents. But due to intermarriages, I only have 10 great great grandparents as the same ones are repeated in my family tree more than once. An example of this fact is that my parents and my paternal grandparents are cousins. And my maternal grandfather is my paternal grandmothers brother.
My pedigree section
A closer look
My Pedigree another view
Now, in the section to follow, you will see a page dedicated to each member in the above Pedigree view. First we will start with my parents, then paternal grandparents and lastly maternal grandparents in this post.
My (papa) father: Air Cdre M. Najib Khan
My mother (mama): Mrs. Shireen Najib
My (dada) paternal grandfather: Malik Taj Mohammad Khan
My (dadi) paternal grandmother: Razia Begum

My (nana) maternal grandfather: Brig. (R) M. M. Sarfaraz Khan


My (nani) maternal grandmother: Rosemary Anne Sarfaraz


My Nanis page. Macro view
This post will conclude at my grand parents. My grandparents and my great great grandparents will follow in the next post where My Pedigree section continues. I hope you are enjoying looking at this journal as much as I enjoyed making it. I know, pictures don’t do justice to journals and the font may seem small in the blog. But its the best job my camera could do. I will keep you posted with the rest of the journal. Stay tuned.
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  1. Cant wait to see the rest… Great work.

  2. I'm doing obituary of Brigadier Jaffar Khan and found some information about his family background very interesting.

    What battalions Brig. Sarfaraz Khan commanded? Is there another brother who served with 5 FF and retired at Major rank? Will apprecaite input.


    Hamid Hussain
    [email protected]

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