After working in the corporate world for 10 years. I have now been freelancing for almost a year now. Both these lifestyle/career choices are pretty contrasting and have a lot of differences. Whichever one you decide, it will have a significant impact on your life. Choosing the best lifestyle for yourself will depend on your current life situation, interests and opportunities. But it sure is a decision that needs a lot of consideration. Here are some quick differences in both these life choices:

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I am not for or against any of these work options. Both lifestyle choices have their pros and cons. I have just been lucky to experience both.

A Quick Comparison

   Corporate 9-6

  1. Doing only what you’re asked to do even though you may not be passionate about it.
  2. Working under a boss.
  3. Waking up early every morning, getting to work. Less flexibility.
  4. Getting a fixed monthly salary from one place.
  5. Focusing only on the work required.
  6. Socializing with colleagues every day while you work.
  7. Being exhausted after work hours and hardly any energy left for socializing.
  8. Hardly any time and energy left to focus on intellectual growth (apart from office work). i.e. reading books, attending workshops, seminars.
  9. Unless you manage time well, you end up sacrificing all your hobbies and may not be able to focus on healthy eating options for the family.
  10. You make a lot of money but your expenses are quite a lot too (mindset of a fulltime job, peer pressure, stress etc)
  11. Hardly any time at home. Struggle managing house chores in time constraints. Ready-made meals, eating out is common.


  1. Complete freedom to decide what you want to do and how you want to do it.
  2. Being your own boss.
  3. Deciding your hours yourself. Flexible timetable.
  4. Income based on projects from different sources. Constant effort to get projects.
  5. Focusing not only on the work but also how, why, where and the struggle of how to increase earning streams. Focusing on housework alongside.
  6. Working in isolation.
  7. Very keen to make plans and go out socializing after working inside the house all day.
  8. Easily able to fit in intellectually challenging events and reading books.
  9. Time for hobbies + easily fit in home management chores while completing other projects.
  10. You make limited money but your expenses are controlled as you’re at home on weekdays and can spend less.
  11. Being able to fit in home management (cooking, cleaning, organizing etc) with work as you save up a lot of travelling time but all this can distract you from your work too. Healthy eating habits at home. Less junk food.
Picture credits: Nataliya Khan Photography

Let’s talk

Are you a freelancer (business owner) or a fulltime employee? Would love to know your thoughts and how you view both these significant life & career choices.

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