About EMFs

Electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) are produced by electric lines, cell phones, wireless devices, WiFi access points, microwave ovens and pretty much everything powered with electricity. There is convincing evidence that some EMF’s are harmful. It is best for us to find ways to minimize/avoid the damage caused by them as much as possible.

My interest

I had heard that cellphone radiation isn’t good for our health but I never gave this topic much thought before I lost my dad in 2012. He was suddenly diagnosed with the worst form of brain tumour cancer GBM 4 near his right ear. That is the most aggressive form of brain cancer.

After his death, I started my detailed research on this topic online and found convincing evidence that cell phone radiation has been linked with brain tumours through many pieces of research. Long-term exposure to EMFs has been linked to cancer and many other health problems such as autism, chromosome & neurological damage in babies, learning disorders, infertility and miscarriage. Other minor reactions include headaches, dizziness, insomnia, fatigue and depression.

Proven research

Many experiments have been conducted in schools where EMFs were reduced by 90% in classrooms. It was reported that kids from those classes reported fewer headaches, asthma symptoms and skin irritations. They felt more energetic and experienced less depression and anxiety. CAT scans, MRIs, ultrasound and X-rays expose people to significant EMF radiation. Too many ultrasounds on a fetus have included growth restriction, delayed speech, dyslexia, damage to nerves and irreversible loss of brain cells.

Many studies have found that overexposure to cell phone radiation can lead to brain tumours among other problems.

MUST-WATCH: The truth about mobile phones & wireless radiation by Dr. Devra Davis

Cell phone user manuals warn customers to keep cellphones away from their bodies even when it is not in use. Studies have found that using a cellphone on a regular basis doubles the risk of getting brain cancer on the side of the head to which the cell phone was usually held.

Tips to protect ourselves


We can’t go back to primitive times and stop using our cell phones altogether. However, there is a lot we can do to protect ourselves and our families from its dire consequences.

Fact: Airplane mode reduces the EMF output substantially.

  1. Whenever we’re going to sleep we can turn our phones off or set them on airplane mode. That way we won’t be exposing ourselves to constant radiation through 8 hours or so.
  2. If we must keep the cell phone on while sleeping (for an important call), make sure it is 4-5 feet away from our body.
  3. When carrying a cell phone in our pocket, we can turn it off or on airplane mode if we’re not expecting an immediate call.
  4. While in the car, cell phone signals are the most harmful as they’re constantly being searched and picked up, so keeping them away from our bodies is vital.
  5. Avoid using a cellphone directly on the ear while talking. Always use handsfree, earphones or speaker for calls. Keep earphones handy all the time.
  6. Replace cordless landline phones with regular corded phones.

Other appliances

  1. Making our Wi-Fi on-off switch accessible is vital so we can turn it off every night or when we aren’t using it. If an ethernet cable is available, it can be used on the laptop while Wi-Fi is turned off.
  2. We should never set our laptops on our laps or in direct contact with our bodies.
  3. Try to use laptops on battery power since they have a lot more EMF when plugged in.
  4. We can keep oven-proof pans handy and try to warm up food in an oven or a stove on a daily basis, instead of the microwave.
  5. Upgrading our computer monitors and TVs to LCD, LED or plasma screens also reduce the amount of EMFs transmitted.
  6. Try not to keep an electric blanket on while sleeping.
  7. Affordable plug-in EMF filters can be installed for protection.
  8. Making sure our bed and baby’s crib don’t contain metal as it picks up ambient EMFs in the room and conducts them.


“There’s a large body of evidence suggesting electromagnetic radiation is linked to a number of deleterious health effects. ADD, asthma, chronic fatigue, cancer, diabetes, fuzzy thinking, headaches, learning disorders, depression, and multiple sclerosis have all been linked to electropollution.”

It sure is overwhelming to know all these facts especially because gadgets are so important in our daily lives. I feel it is more important for us to be aware of their consequences so we can use them appropriately.

It is honestly not hard to follow some of the above tips to protect ourselves. You don’t have to follow each and every tip. I follow the ones which are in italics above and I assure you, they’re really easy to follow.

Let me know if you’re following any of the above tips. If you have any more, I would love to hear from you in the comments below.


The better baby book by Lana Asprey and Dave Asprey

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