Losing a loved one is tough and while death is a fact of life, it’s never easy to accept its eventuality. After sharing so many memories with a family member, spouse or a friend, you feel the large gap they leave in your life. Life is full of shared experiences, and if you have enjoyed great memories, you wouldn’t want them to fizzle out.

While you can’t replace the loved one you lose, it’s possible to honor or celebrate them in different ways. Read on and discover special ways to remember that special person you have lost.

Photo Collage

Remember all those trips you enjoyed together? Those fun moments you experienced together in different places? Well, you can keep these alive by creating a photo collage. You don’t require any special artistic skills to create this, as there are digital tools that can help you create a beautiful album with the most symbolic photos.

Urn Jewelry

If you lose your partner, parent or close relative, you can decide to keep them close by buying urn or cremation jewelry. This is a unique jewelry which allows you to store some of your loved one’s ashes inside the piece. For instance, with urn necklaces, the hollow pendant holds ashes of a loved one and you’ll always have your loved one close to your heart.

This is one of the most special ways to honor a loved one. You’ll always have them close by when you wear that piece. You can shop for beautiful memorial jewelry tailored to meet your unique styling needs.

Create a Day for Them

One of the best ways to celebrate the life of a loved one is by setting aside a day and doing exciting stuff on their behalf. This doesn’t have to be their anniversary. You can pick any day as a family and decide on the activities to do. You can choose stuff the loved one liked and have fun while at it. This is the celebration and you should relive those great moments you all shared, eat where they loved and visit their favorite locations. 

Write to Them/Record a Video

Yes, it might sound weird, but think of all those things you never had time to say? Writing or recording a video is the perfect way to find closure. The letter or recording allows you to speak out your thoughts, shed those tears you haven’t, and you’ll feel good after this.

Donate to a Charity/Volunteer

If your loved one had a charity they loved or they loved volunteering, keep their dream alive. Contribute to the charity, carry on their projects or continue volunteering as a way of keeping them close to you. You’ll feel a connection when you do the things the deceased used to love.

Complete Your Travel Plans

If you used to travel together, you must have had a long list of places to visit. You can complete these with a friend or family member as part of celebrating that special person.

Losing a loved one drains you emotionally and sometimes it feels like there’s no way to fill the gap they left. However, you can lift yourself up and decide to keep the flame of love alive with these unique ideas.  

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  1. I have lost many friends,family members and pets over the years and I have to tell you that it’s not easy getting over the passing of your pets,your family members and your friends but there’s one thing that everyone should know that they will always be with you no matter what you are doing in your life.

    1. Thank you for that perspective.

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