It was just a regular afternoon in office as I was on my desk busy with phone calls and trying to finish some chores before I got up to join my colleagues for Lunch which had already been served.  I got a random new year greeting message from my workmate in India. I replied to that message without realizing that it was actually the last day of the year today.
My new year resolutions and Daily healthy lifestyle commitment


I was busy with some filing when I heard my colleague Fatima from her room ask me what my new year resolutions were. I smiled at her and said, “Well I don’t really make them because I don’t think they really work”. She looked a little surprised and asked me to join them for lunch as Chicken Salan is getting cold.

We all love Thursdays at work because we get the yummiest lunch today. I quickly had a rush of excitement as I pushed aside my files and walked towards the lunch area. The moment I walked in, I smelled Daal and exclaimed:
“Oh no, daal again”.
Fatima and my other colleagues had a good laugh. Today’s menu had been changed to Daal which we are not very fond of. Anyway, my enthusiasm was gone and we all quickly had a few bites just so we won’t be hungry till the end of the day.
Now, we still had a lot of time left during our lunch break and I suddenly remembered Fatima’s question to me earlier. We all decided to write our New Year Resolutions and I handed over a paper and pen to all four of us friends/colleagues.

We decided to divide the paper into two sections:

1. New Year Resolutions – What I plan to do in the coming year
2. Daily Healthy Lifestyle Commitment – What I plan to do every day
We all wrote our points for the above and then had a good detailed discussion on all the points that we had in our personal lists. I was the first one to read out my resolutions and then they all read them out in turns.
Inspired by a few of their points which I had missed out, I added those in my list to make a satisfactory list. I was about to re-write my list on a neat paper when my colleague said that this list has its own charm as we wrote it on our interesting meeting today. I thus decided to leave it as it is and we attached our list to our work areas.
Although these resolutions are very personal and they are for one individual only but I decided to share mine so it may be a source of inspiration for you guys. Or your feedback on it may inspire me to add points that I may have missed out on.
This was all from today. I wish you all a very happy new year and I hope the year 2016 will be a happier and healthier year for you than this one. Would love to know your new year resolutions. Lots of love.
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  2. Thank you so much Wardah. I'm glad you like reading what I write 🙂

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