It is impossible to deny, that we are now truly in the digital age. If we have to name one gadget which has changed our lives the most, we have to give the credit to our smartphones. 

Our mobile phones have really changed our lives tremendously. We can’t even imagine life without them as we have become so dependent on them. It’s surprising how we survived without them only a decade ago.

All smartphones today have apps which we have become pretty dependent on and addicted to. If used wisely, these apps can make our lives easier in many ways. They guide, organize and entertain us. 

Our worst fear has become losing our mobile phone. I remember when my HTC Wildfire was stolen from my office in 2010, I was devastated. My groceries list was in there, all my phone numbers, To-do list and weather forecast. Everything turned upside down. Having said all this, I also believe in minimalism and so I try to keep my applications as few as possible and uninstall anything which I may not be using.
We cannot even imagine life without our cell phone. Today I am writing about android & ios mobile applications which I use or have used. Due to the prominence of this gadget in our daily lives, I thought it may be interesting to share my most current applications. Following is a list:
The purpose of this post is so we can recommend great apps to each other and learn from each other’s experience. Let’s discuss life changing apps which can potentially make our lives simpler and more organized.

Apps to organize your life 

Reminders – To remind us of important things in life

Google Calendar – Saved important family dates for yearly reminders, has made life stress-free
Contacts/People – all contacts synced online with your email account
Mobisle Notes – My all-time favorite notes app which is automatically synced online. Competitor: Evernote

One Drive – For uploading or accessing important documents anytime anywhere
DropBox – Extra online space for your documents/images if you need it
Sticky Notes – To remind me of my daily tasks

Apps that simplify life

Siri/Google Assistant – Configuring these and using them makes life so much easier. Perfect for asking it to write messages on your behalf, set a timer etc. It saves a lot of time if you use it frequently
Salat prayer timings – To get brief Namaz reminders and Qibla direction
Gallery/Pictures – No need to carry a camera with you everywhere
Emails – Separate accounts for official and personal
Google Chrome – Browse and search the internet for anything!
Nikon wmu – Lets me see all my SLR camera images on my mobile phone

WordPress – For people who love to read/edit/write blogs

XE Currency – When you want to know exchange rates

Google Maps – I use google maps for navigation everywhere in the world

Square Frame – For cropping images to fit Instagram
Later – To schedule Instagram posts in advance
Pages Manager – Lets me manage different pages on Facebook on my mobile
Office Lens – Best app for high-quality scanning from the comfort of your phone
Transit – Transit public transport route app in Halifax
Yellow cab – Best taxi service in Halifax
Fido My account – To know about my mobile phone bills
Bank app – To know about the latest in my bank accounts

Apps for entertainment

 Apps: Chess Time, Sound Cloud and Saavn respectively

YouTube – Great for tutorials and entertainment

Podcasts – One can listen to podcasts of your interest anytime anywhere

Holy Quran Mp3 – When you want to hear the recitation of the Quran. I need recommendations of apps which can save the point where you left it. So the next time you open the app, you can start listening from where you left.

Chess time – A must have for all Chess lovers

Pinterest – The ultimate place to get inspired

Star Tracker– Must have for all Astronomy lovers to know the name of stars and planets in real time while you can see them in the sky

Skull mp3 – For downloading songs

Pocket – When you want to save articles in Pocket to read them later in your spare time
Cineplex – To know schedules of movies in the closest theatres

Pakistani Dramas – To catch up on your dramas in case you miss an episode on TV

SoundCloud – Music app with online streaming. You can make your playlists

Saavn – Listen to Bollywood/English music live streaming

Shazam (For recognizing the name of the song being played)

Tunein radio – Radio & Music (You can listen to radio channels of any country)

West Jet To access in-flight entertainment and wifi while flying on West jet airlines

Hum network – To watch dramas/shows whenever I can’t on TV

Apps to stay connected & socialize

Whatsapp – To stay in touch with the world. Best part: Audio messages which save time & group messages
Facetime – To connect to your family/friends on iPhone via video chat
Skype – To talk to family & friends
Hangouts – Backup app for calls in case Skype/Whatsapp are not connecting
Facebook – Socializing with childhood friends
InstagramFor sharing edited stories, pictures and videos of your life with friends/followers
Snapchat – For daily stories or coolest filters
Messenger – Facebook messenger to connect with friends

Apps for shopping

Amazon – For window shopping
Ali Express – For shopping from China

Apps for a healthy living

Daily Workouts Free – Exercises for daily routine
Water Drink Reminder – To make sure that you have 8 glasses of water every day which is essential for good health

Pictures/Videos/Editing Apps

Boomerang – Short yet interesting replayed videos of moving objects
Pixlr express – Editing pictures and making collages
B612 Camera with cool filters
Insta Square size – To use images in Instagram without cropping parts of it or attractive borders
iMovie Movie editor for Apple products
InShot – Movie editor best for IGTV or instagram videos
Timelapse – A time-lapse movie editor for android

Must-have google chrome extensions on a desktop computer

  • – A perfect extension for setting up meeting timings with clients/friends through email
  • Grammarly A highly recommended extension to fix English grammar/spelling errors while typing emails, blog posts and comments across all websites on the internet
  • Boomerang – Email scheduling extension
  • Streak – Email scheduling extension with alerts
  • Google Calendar – To have a google synced calendar right in your browser for easy use

Let’s recommend

There may be many life-changing applications which we may not even be aware of. Communication can be such a blessing.

Here is a great website for downloading applications.

I’m intrigued to know how your list of applications varies from mine. Do let me know what applications you love the most. I hope this post helped you in some way. Lots of love.

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