Hi gorgeous girls, today is the second and final part of this post on Makeup Basics. Those of you who missed out on that part can read it here. Today we will be discussing Eye Make up.

I am no expert on makeup but with the help of my make up enthusiast friend Hamnah, this post has been possible.


1. Eyeshadow Primer or eyeshadow base

An eyeshadow primer is applied only on the eye area as a base for eye makeup. Applying primer makes your make up stay for longer. It also sticks your eyeshadow in place. I used the brand Butterfly. Just take out a tiny amount on your palm and spread it on your eyelid. I just skip this step these days. 


2. Eyeshadow

  • The first step is to apply any loose/pressed setting powder or any neutral eyeshadow with a fluffy blending brush on your entire eye to set the primer/ base.
Fluffy blending brush
  • With the same fluffy blending brush apply a transition shadow right above the crease. It can be any lighter warm or cool tone shadow depending on the look you are going for.
  • Then with a crease brush apply shadow on your crease. It should be at least 2 tones darker than the transition shade.
Crease brush
  • Then create an outter v at the outer end of your eye to smoke out the look. This would be the darkest shade you will apply in your entire eye look. And after applying it, blend it gradually with your crease shade.
Packing brush
  • Next step is to apply the main eyeshadow on your eye lid with a packing brush (for shimmer or metallic shades) or a shader brush (for regular matte shades). To give your shadow a boost you can spray your face setting spray on your brush, make it wet and then apply the shadow on your eyes. It will enhance the shadow to another level and make it more prominent.
Shader brush


  • Going back to the same fluffy blending brush just blend the entire lid shadow and the crease shadow with a light hand and in slow motion inward and outward in order to blend all the individual shadows into each other to give a perfect look.
  • With any brush apply brow bone shadow. You can apply any white/ champagne shade and top it with your highlighter.
  • Apply the same brow bone shadow or highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes with a pencil brush.
Pencil brush
  • With a definer brush apply a darker shade (ideally the one you put on the outer v of your eyes or any other similar darker shadow) on the lower line of your eyes.



Definer brush


  • Then with a pencil brush you can apply a lighter shadow or the one you applied on your crease or eye over that darker shadow to blend and smoke out the lower line shadow.
  • You can apply any shade on your water line depending on your eye look. Any gel pencil or pigmented kajal pencil will do the trick. Ideally go for black, white or neutral beige shades. For fun shades any colorful pencil will do.

3. Eyebrows

With an eyebrow kit, you can make your eyebrows look perfect by applying more color and defining the shape. I have elf eyebrow kit but I seldom use it as my eyebrows are pretty prominent naturally.


4. Curl your lashes

This step is to curl your lashes before applying mascara.


5. Eyeliner

Next step is to apply eyeliner. I’m using Loreal Super Liner blockbuster.

6. Applying Mascara

And coat your upper and bottom lashes with your favorite mascara. Ideally coat your upper lashes twice or thrice to achieve a false lash effect. And in case you are not applying false lashes. Otherwise, a single coat is enough.

I prefer mascaras with separate visible strands. These make lashes look longer and more defined. Lastly, you can stick your favourite pair of false lashes if you want to.

2 Minute Eye Make up 

We all know that such detailed makeup isn’t possible every time due to time limitation. Mostly my eye make up steps are as simple as the following:
  1. Eye primer
  2. Light eyeshadow all over the lid concentrating towards the brow and a dab in the inner eye area
  3. Apply a darker eyeshadow over the crease and blending it with the lighter shade
  4. Apply Eyeliner
  5. Apply kajal in the waterline
  6. Apply mascara
This concludes the post on makeup basics. It’s always great to have a board on Pinterest with makeup inspiration which you can use to inspire yourself. I’m sharing my makeup board with you on Pinterest on this link. Thanks for reading.
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