I have been fascinated with stamp collection since childhood. This hobby brought me even closer to my Nani jaan who has been my mentor and taught me everything about it. She was really excited to see my passion for postage stamps as she could hand over her (and her grandpops) priceless albums to me. So basically I have inherited this hobby from my ancestors. Here is a link of my blog post where I discussed stamp collection hobby and shared a few pages from mine. Check out my coolest stamp albums guys! I swear, they can cheer me up like nothing else in the world.
Over the years because of traveling so much, I had coins just lying around with me. Recently, I decided to order a coin collection album and put all these spare coins in it. I was over the moon to receive this album through Ali Express (mobile app version as prices are cheaper there). Now my coins have nicely settled in their new home and they look so much brighter and happier now. Here’s a little picture tour of my brand new coin album.






In case you have some spare change lying around, why not give it a home. And yes currency collection is also a cool hobby in case you’re interested in that. Ali Express also has a variety of those albums like this one here. You can get reasonably priced items there too. Just need time to browse but its very bad for your wallet by the way as I always like too many things there; much more than I can afford. Thanks for your time. Would love to know if you’re into collectibles. What do you enjoy collecting the most? Would love to know.
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