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University is definitely a life changing experience which enriches your mind and broadens your horizons. Other than classroom studies, you also learn about whats important in life. 

It has been over a decade that I finished university. It really was the best time of my life. Today I will be sharing some lessons which my university life taught me:

#1 Being different is good

We are raised with standards of whats right (acceptable) and whats wrong (unacceptable). When we reach university and meet different people, we realize everyone doesn’t have to be the same.

Standards don’t need to be followed and it is okay to be different.

#2 How to juggle between studies, family, social life, sports & extra curricular

Given the studies pressure, one learns to keep a balance in different aspects of life. One understands priorities and how to divide time for whats important in life.

#3 Structure/Routine is important in life

I have always been a night bird. I loved studying all night but it did take a toll on me when I had to wake up early morning for university. To avoid sleep deprivation, I had to force myself to follow a routine.

#4 How to work around deadlines

Assignments, projects and thesis deadlines made sure I respected time limits and targets. Also learned that I am capable of working hard and achieving anything that I set my mind on.


#5 Sports & extra curricular activities are vital

I cannot even imagine my college and university life without sports. They gave me unimaginable exposure and confidence which contributed to immense enjoyment during university years. Staying fit was just a side effect that came with sports.


By the way, I was the Federal Board Tennis champion for 2 years.

Loved keeping this awesome trophy with my name engraved on it, in our lounge for 2 years.

#6 Don’t be judgemental

When we are young and naive, we tend to judge others.

If someone is different from us, we assign labels on them which may be offensive. As we grow older and reach university, we realize that it is okay for people to be different. We shouldn’t judge people and try to understand where they’re coming from.


#7 Don’t become an extremist

Lack of exposure results into many university students becoming extremists. Some get into the underground party world so much that there’s no turning back.

Some become extremely religious and make decisions which they are not able to follow later in their lives. We should try to stay consistent and not make hasty decisions or judgements.

#8 Don’t get involved in any affairs/relationships

You may call me primitive but falling in love in university was never something I could ever relate to.

In my university every third person had an affair/relationship. 90% of these affairs resulted into heartbreak and break ups. I feel when relationships come in between friendship, they ruin everything!

My idea of a life partner has been someone you can rely on and someone who is established and ideally elder to you to understand responsibilities. Falling in love with your age-mate in university means he will be young, parents will not agree and there will be way too many variables. I always thought it’s best to stay away from relationships in university.


#9 Family is the most important

Generally around college time, friends are our life and we start living for them. In university years, many of us start realizing that some friends cannot be trusted. It’s our family that actually comes to our rescue when there’s no one else to help us.

#10 Don’t upset parents

When we’re young, trivial matters seem like the end of the world. We may even fight with our own parents for the sake of friends. While we’re growing up, we realize we should never upset our parents specially over trivial things.

Also never ever lie to them whatever happens. Always stick to the truth!

#11 Friends are not everything

Later in life we realize that friends are not as important as family. Many friends get lost on the way and very few stay by you.

#12 Focus on studies

Having your focus in studies keeps you away from any bad influences or habits in university. University is costly and we must realize what we’re here for.

#14 Laugh & enjoy life

Remember that university years pass so quickly and one always looks back at them the rest of their lives so enjoy every minute there. Go out and party! Life is short. You’ll always look back to this time. Make the most of it but do not upset family! Have slumber parties with friends and enjoy life as much as possible.

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I did my Masters in Business Administration (Marketing) from Bahria University Islamabad and Karachi. I really cherish those years as I learned a lot about life from those years.

I had been receiving a lot of requests to write about my University life. You asked, we listened. Please show your love through comments below. What are the lessons you learned from your university years? I would love to know.


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  1. It’s been so awesome and helpful ❤️❤️…. Thanks

    1. Thanks a lot for the comment. Much love!

  2. nostalgia <3 I am pursuing my postgraduate degree and my time spent in the university for my masters degree taught me a lot about university life that is now helping me out. I believe all the tips that you have mentioned can be applied to alter our lives outside the campus. I love your blog and I must say your take on life is great. More power to you. Stay blessed <3

    1. Hi thanks a lot for your comment. So true. All these tips are lessons life teaches us too (apart from university). All the best.

  3. Nice. Strongly agree with point No 11 friends are not everything and we realize this only after university life.

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment. So true 🙂

  4. Enjoyed your university experience !
    Took me back to 2005 etc :p

    1. Thanks. Sure a nostalgic time.

  5. One question I ask from you is that how was the bahria at that time?
    I recently graduated from Bahria university Islamabad. I did BsCs.
    One thing is common we are Bahrais ❤😂
    Btw I love reading your stories, blogs, and post. 💕
    Stay blessed.

    1. Hi thanks a lot for writing. Bahria was sooo much fun! Loved studying there. Great to know you’re from there too. Glad you enjoy my stories and blog posts. Lots of love!

  6. I strongly agree wth qll these lessons…….
    Everything in this blog literally belongs to my uni life 😊

    1. Thank you so much for your valuable feedback.

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