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  • Absolutely Natural Cancer Treatment

    A New Paradigm A few days ago, Mr. Babar Qureshi came to our place to share his inspiring story with us. In 2008, he was first diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (blood cancer), stage 3. The oncologist recommended chemo. He had 8 cycles of chemo in 2011. In the meantime, he was sent home by Shaukat …

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  • Tips for Traveling to Pakistan with Kids

    It’s never easy traveling with toddlers but it’s especially harder when it’s during a pandemic (covid). This article is specially written for those parents who are traveling to Pakistan from abroad with small children (0-7). My daughter is 2 and I’ve come to Pakistan for the first time with her. I really hope you find …

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  • The Cure is in the Pain

    Missing those stolen days of charm Like the deserts miss the rain For the sake of shattered hope Wading through these oceans of pain Traveling an eternal journey That started as a conclusion of disaster Walking through the depths of agony Yet going on and on faster A walk to eternity Being forced to go …

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