In an era dominated by digital living and business digitization, it’s easy to overlook the enduring value of the humble business card. However, this perception couldn’t be further from the truth. The small rectangle of cards, a tried-and-tested method of sharing information, continues to hold a significant place in the business world of 2024. It remains a valuable resource for business owners and individuals seeking to forge connections, a testament to its timeless relevance.

Not convinced? Read on to find out why you still need to use business cards in 2024.


When you’re out and about, engaging with people, it’s not always practical to ask someone to scan a QR code on your phone or jot down a plethora of information. This is where business cards come in, offering a quick and easy way to share your details in a non-intrusive, hassle-free manner. Whether you’re at a networking event, a business meeting, or simply going about your day, having business cards readily available simplifies the process of exchanging information and connecting with others, making your networking and marketing efforts significantly easier.

Increased Networking

When you’re networking with others, it’s much easier to have business cards on hand to avoid prolonged conversations about who you are and what you are; this is ideal for networking events, shows, seminars, etc., when you might not have enough time to spark up meaningful conversation with everyone present. With a business card, you can simply hand it over, which can be self-explanatory. Especially if you have used high-quality business card printing and put a compelling design on the card that instantly demonstrates what you do and what you’re about. Plus, many places still have fish bowls for people to leave their business cards to win a prize or for others to take if they want to. This way, you can network without even being present.

Improved Marketing

Physical and digital marketing needs must be done together to complement each other. Your physical business card will help people find you in person and online, especially if you haven’t yet gotten a presence online or are languishing on page 4 of the SERPs. Giving a person a physical business card makes an impression there and then. When they think about you later on, instead of having to Google you to find you and possibly not knowing the correct details, the business card will hold everything they need to find you.

Easily Updated

Business cards can be changed and redesigned every time you need them. Simply save your template with your business card manufacturer of choice, and then when anything changes, you can edit the details and print out a new batch. Even if you don’t need to change details, printing business cards can be done quickly, meaning you can have an ongoing supply when required.

If you’ve been thinking about forgoing the humble business card in favor of a digital version, don’t. While this method might be old school, its popularity means they’re still a valuable business asset that you need to use.

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