Your Complete Guide to Reach out to Brands as an Influencer (e-book)

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In this e-book, you will know everything about how you can contact brands as an influencer. It covers:

  • Intro on the popularity of influencer marketing
  • Types of blogging income
  • What brand collaborations include
  • Preparation & process of working with brands
  • How to price ourselves
  • Pro tips for your media kit
  • All about creating the right email template
  • All about templates for DM quick reply
  • What to include in templates
  • Collaboration hashtag Collab Insta highlight
  • How to create your list of brands
  • Reaching out to brands
  • Being contacted by brands
  • List of influencer marketing agencies
  • My sample Media Kit
  • My sample email template
  • My sample DM quick reply
  • My sample Collaborate webpage
  • 20+ Useful links

All payment methods are fully secure! I recommend using the first option (Stripe). Enjoy!

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Written by Nadiya Najib Khan

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Over the past few months & years, influencer marketing has become really big. Most companies today are looking into this type of marketing for their brand promotion. And for influencers, who wouldn’t mind a little side income with brand collaborations. Right? 

In this e-book, you’ll find everything you need to know about reaching out to brands as an influencer. I’ve gone into all details covering all topics in-depth so it becomes a piece of cake for you. 🙂

While creating e-books, these are the things I’m keeping in my mind:

  • Quality content
  • Add value
  • Readability (short, bullets, white-space…)
  • Visually appealing (Attractive layout)
  • Links & references
  • Globally accepted payment gateways

That means wherever you live, you will be able to purchase from my e-store. I especially made sure that my fellow Pakistanis can purchase too. Enjoy!

Written by Nadiya Najib Khan


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3 reviews for Your Complete Guide to Reach out to Brands as an Influencer (e-book)

  1. Fatima

    I wasn’t expecting so much detail in this ebook. So many ideas I can’t wait to implement in my collaboration strategy.

    • Nadiya Najib

      Thanks a lot.

  2. Ahmad Shah

    Covers the topic well. Highly recommended. Value for money!

    • Nadiya Najib

      Thank you. Appreciated.

  3. Minasyedsblog (verified owner)

    Just got the book today, I was so excited to get my hand on it!! Loved how you explained everything in such a nice manner. The book is really helpful in being more professional with blogging/influencing. Can’t wait to implement these things!!

    • Nadiya Najib (verified owner)

      So happy to hear this. TYSM for the time in posting this review. Means so much! Bless you!

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