Tools for business automation

I believe it’s vital for us to be professional in our business. It’s our responsibility to be as efficient as possible by standardizing our procedures. In this day and age with readily available (many free of charge) softwares; We have no excuse to be lousy in our business dealings.

With time, I’m getting more and more experienced in learning new softwares and making my processes smoother and better. It is really an ongoing process and it must never stop. Today I am sharing all the resources with you which have been vital for me. I have learned about them through need, experience and recommendations. I’m only sharing this list with you so you can also benefit from these great solutions.

Programs/platform Recommendations

Google Chrome Extension Recommendations

  • Must-download Google chrome extension for perfecting writing: Grammarly
  • Appointments/scheduling google chrome extension for Gmail:

Website/App/software Recommendations

  • My favourite notes app & website (synced): Mobislenotes
  • Amazing fonts site for downloading free fonts for logo creation, designing or documents: Dafont & Google Fonts
  • Gmail canned responses to create email templates which make life so easy: Guide
  • Business questionnaires/assessment forms to send customers: Typeform
  • Best tool for professional invoicing, accounting & payroll: Wave
  • Tool for creating, flyers, guides, logos, images etc: Canva
  • Scheduling app for Instagram: Later
  • Best app to connect your Instagram with multiple websites (e.g. Blog & website):
  • Best free project management software when you are delegating work: Trello
  • Best free software to use for scheduling meetings/online sessions: Calendly
  • Best free software to record accurate time for projects which are paid per hour: Clockify


  • Business card sample to promote your website/business:

Book references

I hope you can benefit from all the tips I shared in this post. Please take a minute to leave a comment if it was helpful.

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