Website Creation

  1. Creating a website from scratch
  2. Domain and hosting help
  3. Website content management

I can make a complete website for you which would typically include the following:

  • Company Logo
  • “About you” including a picture
  • About the business
  • Your portfolio
  • Testimonials
  • Menu bar with/without drop downs
  • Contact section
  • Photo gallery
  • Your social media links
  • Blog section (optional)
  • Other (depends on your need)

At the time of completion of the website project, I will explain how you can make changes on the website yourself.

Note: All content (text, images, pictures and logos) would be provided by you so content needs to be fully ready before I start creating your website. You can also hire me for content & logo creation if you like.


I will create your complete website for as low as USD $250 (approx Rs. 25000). This does NOT include:

  1. Hosting & Domain (costs approx USD $59.40) from FastComet which I get all my clients to purchase.
  2. Optional Blogging platform membership/theme charges (approx USD $40)

To avoid theme & platform charges, I can use a basic WordPress theme which offers limited customization but still makes a decent website.

If in case you want me to manage the purchase and maintenance of your domain and hosting I can do so for additional USD $50.

Earning through website

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, businessman or a hobbyist, don’t waste your content. Start getting paid!

I can help you out with:

  • How to start monetizing a blog
  • How to earn from blog

Social Media Handling

I have been managing social media for businesses, companies and professionals for years now. My expertise is in the following social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

If you want me to manage your social media pages entirely, I charge USD $300-500 monthly depending on how many pages you want me to manage and on what frequency. This will include the following:

  • Creating content calendars in advance and sending them to you for approval before publishing
  • Publishing on your social media pages every day (or as required)
  • Managing social media pages and creating attractive & unique content for each day of the week

Content Creation

I have been creating content for various companies and for my blog for over 6 years now.

I have a lot of experience in designing websites and writing content. So I can go through your website and suggest changes in the content to make it more attractive, clear and perceptible.

Or I can create quality content for you. I am an expert in content strategies.

Charges for writing content will obviously depend on exactly how much content you want me to write. We can do a needs-analysis before I can quote a rate.


There have been so many things that I have had to learn the hard way and I want to make it easier for you. I have been where you are now and I can help. Let’s do this together! 

We are surrounded by information from all around on how to do any particular thing and it can be so overwhelming if we are trying to figure this out, especially with how busy our lives have become. I can help you figure this out!

Your one-to-one mentoring is custom to your specific needs and what you are looking to learn. I’ll share tips, inspiration, tools and lots of concrete things you can start doing immediately to make the process easy & fun for you!

Whether you just want to figure out blogging so you can record your random memories or you want to start getting your messages across and get better at using Instagram for your business or your website, let’s meet and make you less overwhelmed and more excited about this! 

My mentoring services can cover a whole lot of topics. It totally depends on your need. Following are some ideas:


  • Why blogging is the right thing for you
  • How blogging can give you a purpose
  • Privacy, personal life, family and blogging
  • How to start blogging
  • Tips for improving your writing skills
  • What platforms to use for blogging
  • How to promote your blog
  • How to use google analytics to keep an eye on stats
  • How to come up with ideas for your blog

For Business & Branding

Website basics

  • What makes a great website
  • Website essentials
  • How to start a website
  • Help with domain and hosting
  • Sample websites

Social Media & Instagram

  • Why having an online presence for your brand is important 
  • How/Why to build a business/personal brand 
  • Coming up with a vision for your instagram
  • How to develop a voice for your brand
  • Finding content that is more than just ‘selling’
  • How you can use Instagram stories for your brand 
  • How to make your brand more meaningful & authentic
  • Developing your photo library for Instagram
  • Content Planning and Scheduling tools
  • How & why to use hashtags & geotagging 
  • Building community and engagement 
  • Collaborations. Authentic marketing
  • How to build a following

Business & Productivity

  • Time Management
  • Inspiration & keeping an idea journal
  • Tools for automation
  • Managing business systems (Invoicing / Bookkeeping & more) 
  • Building an email list of clients & potential clients
  • Tips for building your website


  • The basics of a good photo
  • Taking better photos on your phone for social media 
  • Editing basics
  • Editing walkthrough + Tool recommendations
  • Organising your photo library

Or anything else you want to suggest


Following are my rates for online (Whatsapp/Skype) or face-to-face mentoring sessions:

1 hour session: USD 40

Let’s talk business

You can also view my digital projects by clicking on the box below:

Drop me a line and let’s talk about your exciting projects. I will send you all the details. I will wait to hear back from you so we can finalize a session for you.

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