Every relationship is different. If you’ve dated different people throughout your life, you’ll know this is true. You might have wild chemistry with one person, but none at all with another. You haven’t changed, but the interaction is totally different. 

But what are the hallmarks of instant chemistry? How can you tell if you’ve found someone who just clicks with you? Let’s take a look. 

You’re Silly With Each Other

If you’re always silly with each other, it’s a good sign that you have great chemistry. Joking around, playing, and having fun with each other proves that you both feel relaxed and content in each other’s company. 

You’ll notice that people who have great chemistry start messing around almost immediately. They just want to have fun with each other, and they feel comfortable being silly and enjoying each other’s company. 

You Touch Each Other A Lot

You always know when speed dating is going well when you start touching the other person after meeting them for just a few minutes. You sit close to them and find whatever excuse you can to touch parts of their bodies. 

People with strong chemistry are touching each other all the time. They can’t keep their hands off each other. And it often happens unconsciously. You don’t realize that you’re doing it.

You Tease Each Other, But It Doesn’t Matter

Easily taking offense to another person teasing you is common these days. But when people have chemistry, it doesn’t seem to matter so much. In fact, it’s fun. When one person teases the seriousness of the other, it’s often a sign of closeness or playfulness. 

You’re Always With Your Partner

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Some couples spend a lot of time apart. They need “breathing space.” But people with instant chemistry don’t need separation. It doesn’t even occur to them. 

Instead, there’s balance in their relationship. You’re with your partner and it feels natural and you’re not itching to get away from them and spend time with friends. At the same time, you’re free to come and go as you please. There’s no friction. 

You Have Open Body Language

Open body language is actually surprisingly rare between couples. Most are quite closed off from each other if you analyze them closely. 

Signs of openness include heads, feet, and limbs angled towards each other, and being communicative with their hands, They might also show other signs of affection, such as licking their lips. 

You Both Pay Close Attention To Each Other

Successful relationships are all about paying close attention to your partner. Keeping a beady eye on them and noticing their emotions, how they feel, and so on, can really help take chemistry to the next level. 

Being immersed in another person brings a different kind of closeness to the relationship. It goes beyond friendship. When each person pays attention to the other, it means that they are being heard. And that’s often the most important thing in a relationship. 

You Flirt Fast

Flirting is something that people usually only do when they feel comfortable with the other person. And doing it in public shows an even greater level of ease. 

If both people are flirting quickly after meeting, it is a very good sign. It shows that they don’t want to hold back when talking to each other, suggesting a deep level of comfort. 

You Don’t Look At Anyone Else

Perhaps the best litmus test for whether you have instant chemistry with someone is your attitude to other people. If you can only see your partner, then the idea of being attracted to someone else seems ridiculous. You’re just interested in one person, and everyone else seems to disappear into the background. 

You Can’t Stop Smiling And Laughing

Chemistry and laughter often go hand-in-hand. When you feel a deep connection with another person, it feels funny. You have great chemistry between you both and you’re always joking. Things become much funnier between the two of you than they would be if you were with another person. 

You Remember The Small Things About Each Other

People with chemistry are always paying close attention to each other. They seem “tuned in” to the other person’s experience. Because of this, they notice the little things in the relationship. Perhaps they can sense their partner’s ticks or when they want something. Or maybe they are just really good at detecting changes in their emotion, even if they are trying to hide them. 

So, have you ever had instant chemistry with someone? What was it like?

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