The day you’ve been waiting for all your life is here: you’re about to get married!

Like most brides, there will probably be an undercurrent of anxiety on the day of the nuptials. Feet start to get cold when you realize the size of the commitment, as well as understanding you’ll be the center of attention. And no, it doesn’t only happen to the groom.


Nobody tells you how to deal with anxiety; they throw you in the deep end and hope you cope. Because nerves can ruin the most important day of your life, it’s nice to have a few handy hints under your veil.

Overwhelmed Isn’t Weak

“What’s wrong with me? Why am I soft?”

Plenty of brides-to-be feel this way because they assume they need to be strong to get through the experience. Well, there are different ways to do it, and understanding you’re going to be overwhelmed is one of them. Reid Wilson acceptance is one good way to tackle the pressure and stop it from boiling over.

So, telling yourself it’s okay to cry and be nervous is all part of the process. Because you’re stressed doesn’t mean you’re an awful bride.


Help Is On Hand

You wake up on the morning of the ceremony and can’t get over the amount of stuff there is left to do. As well as getting ready, you need to speak with the vicar and sort out the catering. Plus, the rings haven’t arrived and that’s a frightening thought.

Rather than dealing with it alone, outsource the jobs to trusty lieutenants. Bridesmaids and family members are there to make the day go smoothly, which is why you should lean on them.

Delegate tasks and tackle them as a team. It’ll be a fantastic way to start married life.

There’s Always A Backup

Inevitably, something doesn’t go to plan and it’s stressful. And, you might not be able to fix it on the day. But, you might be able to make adjustments after the fact. Take the photographs as an example.

Andrea Matone can touch up the contrast as well as the color and sharpness of your pictures if they aren’t to your liking. After all, anything is possible with Photoshop.

Even if there isn’t a contingency plan, it might not make a difference. Small details which seem important beforehand tend not to be significant on your wedding day.

Your Partner Doesn’t Think You’re Crazy

With all the hysteria over centerpieces, it’s easy to think “wow, he’s going to leave me at the altar and I wouldn’t blame him!” The thing is your husband-to-be loves you and wants you to have the best time ever.

If that means going a little bit crazy leading up to/on the day of the wedding, so be it. If your man is the calm, collected type, look to him for reassurance.

It’s incredible how much the phrase “everything is going to be fine” means coming from the love of your life.

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