How many of you are fulfilling your social responsibilities at the moment? Volunteering, planting trees, social education and awareness, philanthropy, community development etc. I’m embarrassed to confess that the only time in my life I actually remember volunteering was after the 2005 Kashmir earth quake when Mama took us to PIMS hospital Islamabad. (I almost fainted there).

On Friday, our CEO Tariq Farid was on an official visit from USA and suddenly asked us one by one if we are doing anything for the betterment of the society on a continuous basis? I suddenly felt guilty and thought of all the times I have been planning to offer my services at hospitals, schools but haven’t done so in the longest time. I have been giving Zakat/Sadqa from time to time and educating our household staff. The only thing I’m proud of is that I’m educating our office boy. He has become really good in Urdu, English and Math. Sharing a few pictures of his progress today. I wanted to post on this subject today to remind us all that we have social responsibilities too apart from those as a Muslim, spouse, parent, sibling and child. I would love to know your contribution to the society. ☺

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