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Genealogy Journal

Genealogy Journal – Part IV (Important Finds)

I am sharing my Genealogy Journal with you guys. The first 3 parts were introduction and My Pedigree where I dedicated a page to each of my siblings, parents, grand parents, great grand parents and great great grandparents. If you missed out on those, please find them in Genealogy section here. A section named ‘Important Finds’ follows …

Genealogy Journal

Genealogy Journal – Part II (My Pedigree till grandparents)

Welcome back. Today’s post is a continuation of the first part where I started sharing my journal on the subject Ancestry. If you missed out that part, Here is a link. Today I will be starting to share its My Pedigree section which starts off with a family tree of my pedigree. The Pedigree section starts from this …

Genealogy Journal

Genealogy Journal: Introduction & My Family

After completing my Genealogy research and finding my Nani’s lost relatives all over the world, I decided to make a journal with my findings too.  Starting to share this journal with you today. Introduction I am really really excited about this post. I have been working on my Genealogy journal for a very long time …