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The Ultimate Guide To Ensuring That Your Wedding Is Instagram Ready

Ok, so the thought of getting married might terrify you at the moment. You may be young, free and single, you’ve only just gotten into a long term relationship, or you might feel that you aren’t marriage material. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be heavily involved in planning a wedding day at some point …

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Organizing Work

14 Ways to Cope With the 9 to 6 Grind

Let’s discuss career today. I have been working for about nine years now. From Sales Representative to Marketing Manager; From 6 days (45 hours a week) to work-from-home; From biggest franchisers to private start-ups; From Rs. 20,000 to £2500 a month; Been there, done that. I’m lucky to have worked in a number of industries: Airline, Banking, Retail, Finance, …

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