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Baby Foods

This article is meant to be a complete guide for homemade baby food for babies (mostly up to 6 months. But it will give you food ideas for older kids too). You can adjust food consistency according to age. This article contains reasons for making your own baby food, allergy advice, baby food list of …

Organizing Home Organizing Life

Daily Minimalism Tips for a Simpler Life

Minimalism to me means reducing waste Sticking to only the basics in life A minimalistic life is life… simplified! It is to do everything you do in the simplest way possible using the least amount of resources. This will reduce clutter around your life and make you feel enriched and happier. According to Rachel Aust, …


14 Tips for Positive Parenting

Positive parenting is about developing a strong and deep relationship with our children based on mutual respect and communication. It’s all about teaching children to be better human beings through inspiration and positive reinforcement. An important aspect of positive parenting is to treat our children as individuals, not as our property. We should also aim …