Organic Radiance – Part I

Organic Radiance – Part I

I have been a great believer in natural products for years now. I myself  did my research and finally found the most suitable products for the skin. One may debate that what ever works for me may not necessarily work for all of you girls out there. But the fact is that I have extra sensitive skin that gets rashes from any liquid touching my skin. Even water (tears, shower, sweat) irritate my skin. So if these natural products suit me and have no side effects on me, I’m sure they will work wonders on your skin too. Also these natural products can be used on normal, oily, dry and combination skin types, so everyone can benefit from these.  Herbal products do not have any chemicals so no need to worry about any side effects either.

With our lack of awareness, we feel embarrassed telling our friends that we use herbal products. Its true that every time I have used Mehendi as a hair color, I felt embarrassed telling the truth to my friends who assume its a dye. To be honest, we should be proud of using these as they are far better for us with respect to performance and cost. Most of us girls spend heaps of money on products which we’re not even sure would work. We spend so much money on make up, but most of our girls do not care about knowing about natural products that actually make your skin feel and look better. Inexpensive face scrubs and polishers can easily be concocted with materials sitting on your kitchen cabinet or refrigerator. 

We don’t work in cosmetic industries but I am sure that if we did, we would never let those ingredients touch our faces. Recently, I read an article on Huffington post according to which there have been cases of cosmetics and perfumes having urine in their ingredients. Reading that article disturbed me a lot but I haven’t yet had the transition that my elder sister has had. She now uses natural foundation, lipstick, blush and nail color which only a few brands in USA offer. She is lucky to have jet black hair and stopped using any kind of hair dye years ago. I admire her for making this change. Mashallah one can see the effect of no chemicals on her glowing complexion.


God has given us only one body. It is our responsibility to take care of it.  Those committing suicides argue that they are only harming their own body and they can do anything they like to their own bodies. There is a reason why suicide is forbidden. If we were fully in control of our bodies, we would’ve been allowed to do anything we want, to it. That is not the case because Allah wants us to show him gratitude to the blessings he has given us. He wants us to take care of our selves. It is true that one day we all will return to Him and that our bodies would no longer be functional but the decision of when that time comes is in Allah’s hands. For now, we are all we have and we must take care of ourselves.

I have been using some natural beauty products for years now. To be honest, no face masks in the world can even compete with the natural herbal masks which we will be discussing here. There must be a million other natural products which we can use and I would love any comments to increase my knowledge on this subject too. I will be discussing some of the ones I have tried and use in the rest of the parts of this post. We will mainly stick around the area of skin and hair care. So all you girls, stay tuned. 

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