The woman of the house is called a home-maker for a reason. Her role in her home is really important and her mood reflects that of every person in the house. Her happiness is vital for the whole family.

We must remember that we’re sending vibes to those we love every second of our lives. If we choose to be happy, our babies, children, spouse and parents will be happy. If we choose to be depressed, we’re making everyone around us sad as well. Even babies catch these vibes without us realizing it. If our baby cries uncontrollably, we should ask ourselves, ‘Is there something bothering me today?’. That is the case many times. They can see it in our eyes and feel we’re upset. It saddens them too!

Let’s choose happy for the rest of our days, weeks and lives. Let’s look at the glass half full in every situation. Let’s remember how funny life is even when we’re going through a bad patch or a difficult time. Its all in our hands. Regardless of our life circumstances, we are the sole decisionmaker of how we want to live our lives and how we want our families to be: happy or sad! 

If for any reason, we are feeling depressed or down, its a great tip (by my Mama Shireen Gheba) to pretend to smile & laugh. Once we start pretending, it automatically starts to grow in us and gets real. One actually starts feeling happier. I never thought this theory would work but honestly, it works… every single time! (You should try it… definitely worth trying). 

If we think of it, life is full of stuff that could potentially lift us up. There is an endless list of things that make me happy. Following are only a few of them:

List of things that cheer me up

  • Looking at and feeling a baby’s toes
  • Petting a cat
  • Talking to a dog
  • Giving a massage to my mama or grandmother
  • Smelling my favourite perfume
  • Spraying fabric refresher on newly changed bedsheets
  • Having Biryani
  • Listening to the waves of the ocean
  • Walking on the grass barefeet
  • Taking a soak
  • Making a new friend
  • Trekking
  • Hugging my husband and spending quality time with him
  • Completing my work deadlines before time
  • Looking at the clouds
  • Listening to Michael Bublé songs
  • Video chat with my family
  • Feeding a kitten with a feeder
  • Sending audio notes to my best friends
  • My baby’s toothless smiles
  • Watching Atif Aslam’s songs on Coke Studio
  • Going out for a walk
  • Driving & singing my favourite songs loudly
  • Lighting up a candle

What are the things that make you happy? Do you agree that our mood affects those around us? How do you lift yourself up when you’re feeling down?

I really want to know.

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