Choosing Pre-loved Baby Items

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We hardly bought any clothes for Nyra. We literally just bought 3 sets and 3 random singles. And we picked up 4-5 cute premies from the thrift store. But her closet is overflowing with so much love. It’s all Allah’s blessing.

Thanks to the baby shower that our Canadian friends surprised us with, all the gifts our Pakistani/other friends gave her…… and sooo many hand-me-downs from both our sisters, our Arab neighbors, my cousin in Australia and a Canadian lady (stranger from FB Marketplace) who literally drove to our place and dropped a huge bag full of baby clothes for free. They all were so so sweet to think of Nyra. They could’ve given them to anyone. We feel so blessed Mashallah!

It really doesn’t matter whether the clothes she wears are brand new or used. She looks like a princess in no matter what she wears Mashallah.#motherslove

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing used (and washed) clothes esp for babies.

They’re better for the planet #recycle and better for our pockets. Why invest so much into something they will outgrow and hardly wear? Let’s change this culture of looking down upon those who are not brand conscious. Let us focus more on what really matters in life than the brands we wear. 💁⠀

Please see the Recycling Baby Items live session my mom and I did on Instagram where we discussed all the following:

  1. What we both recycle.
  2. Why recycle? Save money, save the planet (Recylcle, reduce & reuse is how we can play our part).
  3. What to recycle? Toys, clothes & products inc. Crib, sterilizer, play pen, walker, diaper genie,swing etc.
  4. How to clean up before recycling:
  5. Disinfect, sterilize, wash, or use disinfecting wipes as its a great and easy way.
  6. What can be bought new: Due to hygiene reasons, mattresses, baby bottles, pacifiers, training potty etc should be bought new.
  7. How to recycle: Donate, sell (olx, marketplace, kijiji etc) or gift.
  8. Changing mindsets & social taboos.
  9. Other than baby products, we can recycle pretty much everything: Adult clothes, furniture, rugs, decoration pieces, kitchen appliances, books, bags,… anything except those items that need to be bought first hand for hygiene reasons.
  10. Islam and this topic
  11. Some instagram thrift businesses: @thriftitpk @hscloset9 @bizb.store

Do you use preloved clothes and items for your kids too? I would love your input on this subject.

#recyclereducereuse#Recycleclothes #savetheplanet #brandconsciousness #brandsdontmatter

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