If you’re looking to improve your online business, there are a few different core factors to focus on: the experience of using your website, how you feature your products, and how you treat your customers. Here, we’re going to focus on the last of the three in particular, how customer service is often underrated, and why focusing on it can end up being very profitable for your business, indeed.

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Make it easy to access help

No matter how great your website or the process of buying from your business, there is always going to be a customer who has an issue or a question that needs to be resolved, whether before or after a sale. One of the best ways to improve any eCommerce business is to add live chat functionality that allows them to get in touch with someone to address their concerns as soon as possible. Being on hand and available makes your brand much more approachable, and makes it easier to remove the barriers between your customers and the sales they want to complete. You can even automate parts of this system so that the easiest questions can be answered immediately, but you might always want to keep real staff on deck just to offer the human touch when needed.

Get to know them

If you want to better serve your customers, then you should get an idea of what their needs and wants are. In fact, if you can dig even further and customize your communications with them on an individual level, it can make them feel truly valued. Of course, no business owner or their team is going to be able to remember hundreds or thousands of customers over the years they are in business. CRM consulting services like ZBrains can help you put in place customer relationship management that makes it a lot easier to be able to pull up information on your customers. Communications can be kept consistent, you can track your history with them, and even better recommend solutions and products that can suit their tastes or habits. 

Make it clear that you’re listening

Sometimes, it’s not as much about the solution that you offer, but the fact that you’re willing to listen to and take in customer feedback in the first place. There are survey tools like Jotform that can help you collect feedback from those customers, ensuring that you’re aware of any sources of dissatisfaction that might be bubbling beneath the surface. If you have a common complaint, then making a case study out of it and showing customers what you’re doing to fix it can be a very strong gesture of good faith on your part to better serve their needs, which can win a lot of good faith, in return.

If customer service hasn’t been a focus for you, yet, now is the time to change that. The examples above are just a few ways that you can greatly improve the customer journey, making them a lot more to become repeat customers, generating more revenue, and helping you build the buzz about your brand.

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