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The wonders of Phitkari

Good afternoon readers! Today we will be discussing the wonders of Phitkari. It was only recently when I learned about this wonder crystal. I had been hearing about  the bad effects of antiperspirant deodorants for a while now. It made sense that these block our pores so we don’t sweat at all from those areas. I am very sensitive about smell or wet patches so I have been happy using 48 hours protection antiperspirant deodorants of the highest quality all my life. I have been spending a lot on these imported deodorants as well.

Recently at a close aunts place, I was introduced to the wonderful Phitkari. She told me that she has been using it for a while now and it works great. It is basically a crystalized salt. Its chemical name is Potassium alum – KAl(SO4)2. It can be purchased from some desi stores in spices section in Pakistan.
All you need to do is keep a little soap dish and place it in your bathroom. After you have taken a shower in the morning, you can just wet Phitkari and apply it lightly on your armpits. Miraculously, it will keep you odor free for the whole day.
Living in hot and humid cities like Lahore and Islamabad, I didn’t buy the idea at first. I thought it was actually impossible for me to switch my expensive, good quality deo for a piece of rock. But I thought there is no harm in trying. Now I have been using it for a few months as it works well.
I admit I still do have my antiperspirant deodorant as a backup, whenever I go out for running, tennis or full day of trekking. I just want to be 100 % sure I don’t smell even a little bit after that heavy workout. But these times are rare. On normal days, when there’s no extreme workout session involved, I am fully confident about my Phitkari. It is very cost effective as well as it hardly costs anything and lasts for around a year (My normal deo only lasted one month or two). I have used it on days when I have gone to humid markets of Lahore for the whole day. Even if you sweat a bit, it keeps you odor free. The best part is knowing that you are using 100 % natural substance which is free from any harmful chemicals. It really gives you a great feeling.
Due to its purity, in some cultures, a piece of Phitkari is kept outside the home to keep it away from evil eye and prevention of evil influences. Other benefits of Phitkari are as follows:
– Face tightening and lifting. Helps prevent wrinkles.
– Curing pimples
– Treating cracked heels
– After shave treatment
– Water purification
– Body hair removal
– Lice treatment
– Helping sores
I hope you are convinced to give Phitkari a try as it is a great natural substitute for antiperspirant deodorants. Due to its additional benefits as listed above, I think Phitkari is a must-have for every house. Thank you once again to my aunt who introduced me to this amazing crystal.
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