Wednesday, 23 August 2017

100 Things to Make You Happy

Hello there. I hope you are doing awesome. I wanted to come up with a different post today. I never thought of doing a book review on my blog until I came across this astounding book by National Geographic. Almost year round, I have an eye out  for things I can buy and keep for my darling niece who visits Pakistan once every year. Recently, I went to Variety Books in Packages mall and found this masterpiece. I would definitely recommend this book to all parents. Its just fabulous and a must-have. 

In spite of my busy routine I kept this book in my gym bag, brought it to office and finished the whole book in half an hour just when I reached office the very next day. I have been so excited about it and I wanted to read it before I gift it to Anya so we can talk about it. She is such a book worm and I can tell she will fall for this one.  

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

16 Tips for Young Independent Women

This post is specially dedicated to independent women who are either students or entering the business/corporate world. Most of the women I know demand justice and are eager about feminism. But there isn't much focus on becoming a more enriched, wholesome and confident female. I did some brainstorming today and here are 16 reminders on how to become an independent woman who is in charge of her life. 

Monday, 14 August 2017

Sharan Travel Journal 2017

There is something very enchanting about unexplored forests. They are mysterious, exotic and fascinating. We spent some precious moments in such a jungle recently. It was out in the wilderness called Sharan.  Today, I will be sharing the travel journal I made on this trip. 

I made this journal on an expired 'BioMatrix stent table calendar' from my previous company. On this journal, I used a local newspaper (Daily Mahasib newspaper, Abbottabad), leaves, maps, cloth pieces, stickers, tickets, pictures, wrappers and stamps. I also doodled wherever I could. Thanks to my experience with travel journals, I completed this journal in one day.  

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Say No to Late Sittings at Work

This is something I feel very strongly about. I have been working in the corporate world for over ten years now. Mostly it runs on a 9-6 model including an hour’s lunch break. These are intense 40 hours a week which comes to over 2080 hours a year. This sort of a lifestyle needs dedication, motivation and a lot of determination. Eight consecutive hours a day are hell of a lot for a human brain to operate almost non-stop. Research has proven that it is humanly impossible for a human brain to function for any more time than this.

Don't settle for less
I hear of countless workplaces here where staff is expected to work even after their shift ends. Sadly, many employees are not even alarmed by this lifestyle. They are like robots. They are sacrificing their family and social commitments for nothing. They are not even paid overtime. Many of the staff justify it by saying it’s their job requirement or that there is work which they need to complete.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Oscar Mike Golf!

Hello everyone! We all have seen the drama Alpha Bravo Charlie but I get surprised when I hear that many people around haven't heard of the Phonetic Alphabets. Here is another effort to organize our lives just a little bit more. 

Whenever we are talking to someone on the phone and we need to tell them important details like our address, email address or pass-code, it is vital to get the exact details across without the fear of miscommunication.This is why Phonetical Alphabets came into being. It is very important for all of us to remember these like the back of our hands.