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Monday, 14 August 2017

Sharan Travel Journal 2017

There is something very enchanting about unexplored forests. They are mysterious, exotic and fascinating. We spent some precious moments in such a jungle recently. It was out in the wilderness called Sharan.  Today, I will be sharing the travel journal I made on this trip. 

I made this journal on an expired 'BioMatrix stent table calendar' from my previous company. On this journal, I used a local newspaper (Daily Mahasib newspaper, Abbottabad), leaves, maps, cloth pieces, stickers, tickets, pictures, wrappers and stamps. I also doodled wherever I could. Thanks to my experience with travel journals, I completed this journal in one day.  

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Swat Travel Journal

Good afternoon! By now you probably know about my love for travel journals. Last September, my husband and I booked a weekend escape in Serena hotel Swat to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. It was a short trip and I didn't want to put in too much energy or time into making a proper travel journal for it. So I decided to make a really quick and easy one. I used an old 4x6 sized photo album. I quickly jotted down a few main details, pasted photos and wrappers, doodled a little and it was good to go. The best part of this travel journal was that it was literally done and dusted in half a day. I realise most of my travel journals have taken up a lot of time and I have gone into details but this time I just wanted to keep it as short and to-the-point as possible. A lot of my friends have told me that they would love to document their holidays but its too much hard work for them so they can't be bothered. Well, if you are one of those, this journal was not like that at all. Anyone can make it, its that simple. Here is a photo tour of our Swat tour:

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Kalash Ki Talash - Aik Safarnama

Assalamualaikum! Can you guess my excitement today? I will be sharing my latest travel journal with you. For those of you who missed my brief summary of our Kalash trip, here is the link. I have been really enthusiastic about this project as it is my first ever journal in Urdu. I think travel journals are an excellent way to preserve your cherished memories of a holiday. As soon as I came back from our expedition, I spent a few lunch breaks in office and some late night sessions to complete it in a weeks time. I shared the video of this Safarnama on my YouTube channel yesterday and on popular demand, I am sharing this journal with you here today. 

Front cover
Just a brief introduction of this holiday. Nine of us traveled together with an exciting tour company Ghoomo Phirro to the biggest valley of Kalash named Bumburet in Chitral. This area is in the KPK district of Pakistan and is on the border with Afghanistan. The tour was from 12-17th of May 2017. I had won a free ticket of this trip in a lucky draw. My excitement was unreal. We started off in a van at 9 pm and surprisingly it took us 32 hours to get to the most exotic place on this planet. We spent two days in Happy Guest House with the most entertaining group mates. We also had local tour guides and scrumptious meals there. We attended Chilam Joshi festival and got to experience the Kalashi culture. The views there were breathtaking with glaciers covering the famous Hindu Kush mountain range. The journey was full of adventure which gave us hysterical laughing fits along with some serious life-changing lessons with practical training. It was the trip of a lifetime and I am full of gratitude for winning it. Here is a photo tour of our escapade:

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Sri Lanka Honeymoon Travel Journal

I have been obsessed with travel journals for a while now. I have already shared my Europe travel journal with you here, my Dubai 2015 travel journal with you here and my Nathia Gali travel journal with you here. Today I am really excited to share my Sri Lanka Honeymoon travel journal with you. This post will be full of pictures which are in order. Some pages are repeated for a detailed view.  You can see this journal in video as well on my You Tube channel here

Monday, 8 August 2016

My Dubai Travel Journal

Some things in life are a big surprise. Something unexpected like that happened with me last year. Our wedding dates in August were decided in May. There were only 3 months to the wedding and there was too much to do. I had all my to-do lists ready and everyday after office I had a whole list of chores to do before driving home. One day I got a missed call from my bank representative. I couldn't be bothered to call him back as I was heading out from office and just about to get into my car. Anyway I made the effort and had him on speaker phone when he congratulated me and told me that I have won a return ticket to Dubai. I said 'I have not applied for any draw whatsoever so how is that possible?'. He said the system picks up an ID card number randomly in over 100,000 people and luckily it was you so you can come and collect your free ticket. 

Monday, 25 July 2016

Leaves of Nathia - A travel journal

What makes travel journals so important is the fact that we can't possibly remember all the interesting details of our beautiful journey. Jotting the details down makes us remember and cherish those moments forever. By now, you probably have a fair idea of my love for journals. Here is a link to my Europe travel journal in case you missed it out. I have also shared my Genealogy Journal on this blog on this link. I have yet to share my Sri Lanka and Dubai travel journals with you. I can't wait to do so in the weeks to follow. Stay tuned. 

Inspired by the green town Nathia Gali and its beautiful trees, I decided to make a travel journal on leaves. I had no diary in hand and thought it’s the perfect opportunity to write and draw on them. It was a difficult project as leaves wither. To prevent that, I had to press them first (leaving them in a newspaper under carpet), then apply white glue (alternative of Mod Podge) on both sides. After they were dry, I had to protect them in plastic covers and bound them in the shape of a book. I was very happy with the end result and thought it was an exciting project to have my holiday documented in ‘Leaves of Nathia’.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

My Europe Travel Journal

I have always been fond of scrap-booking but the idea of a travel journal never crossed my mind until I was preparing for my Europe trip in July 2012. I thought this trip was the ideal time to explore my creativity and make an informative journal about my experiences. I looked up ideas on Pinterest and went prepared. I took plain envelops to keep memories from each day separately. I also kept a little diary with me the whole time so I could jot down all the information our Belgian guide Christoph would give us. I can’t wait to share this journal with you today.