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Monday, 18 August 2014

My Genealogy Story - Part 2 of 2

How I Traced my Missing Family

This is a continuation of the article on how I began the quest to discover my missing family. For those of you who missed the first part of this article. Here is the link.


My mom Shireen Najib (1957-), me Nadiya (1985-) and my Nani Rosemary (1934-) on Eid in July 2014

In 2011, I had been living in London for almost four years, I hadn’t seen my Nani Rosemary even once during that time. I missed her terribly and wanted to buy her a present but nothing seemed to be good enough. Knowing she would be absolutely thrilled if I succeed, I felt the urge to search for Nani’s long lost relatives.

Rosemary collage My Nani Rosemary (1937-) with her mom Freda Dorothy May Young (1910-1957)

Thursday, 14 August 2014

My Genealogy Story - Part 1 of 2

The Quest for My Roots Begins
Even as a child I was curious to know more about where I came from. My father told me when I was only 5 years old, I said “Mein soch rahi hoon kay mein kon hoon?” (I am wondering who I am?) I loved trying to solve mysteries in life. I found it spooky that the people who were so close to my family don’t live in this world anymore. Initially we heard the stories of our ancestors from our parents and grandparents a lot, but gradually they seemed to get distant. Sadly, we all were busy with our own lives and never gave our earlier generations (who gave up a lot for us) any thought.
    Gerald William Flynn Young and Freda Dorothy May Kilburn My great grandparents Gerald William Flynn Young (1907-1983) & Freda Dorothy May Kilburn (1910-1957)