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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

So... What Do You Do?

Socializing is very important for our well-being in many different ways. In order to mingle with others and to break the ice we have to start with some very basic questions like: 'What do you do?. Unfortunately, a lot of people these days don't have hobbies. So when you ask them this simple question, they will stare at you blankly and say "Nothing much! Watching TV and eating" or they will say "My children are my only hobbies. I have no time for anything else". I can't believe anyone can just waste away their life like that. You are missing out on so much which could contribute to enriching you and fulfilling your life's purpose. Hobbies play a major role in your contentment. 

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

My Paintings


"Painting is the silence of thought and the music of sight" - Orhun Pamuk

How well Orhun has defined art. It sure is something hard to describe, yet a good painting enriches your soul in more ways than you know. Its a great stress reliever and mood enhancer. So far, you have only heard about a few of my hobbies. Its sometimes hard to catch up on my interests as they're too many. Today I will be sharing some of my paintings with you all. 

Thursday, 19 February 2015


I silently diffuse into the mist
Where there is no soul in sight
It’s twenty past the midnight
Will I ever come to light?

Too many dreams are unlived
Too many words need a rhyme
Scattered are a zillion thoughts
What’s killing me is only time

They say time is eternal
Yet it waits for no one
I know I’ll never walk this road again
What is done cannot be undone

Friday, 6 February 2015

Have You Ever


Have you ever been caressed by the winds?
Have you ever danced in the rain?
Have you ever embraced life’s precious moments?
Have you ever fancied walking on the most deadly lane?

Zugspitzblick, Austria

Have you ever slurped the undrinkable?
Have you ever witnessed the unseen?
Have you ever survived the unlivable?
Have you ever dwelled where you've never been?

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

…And I Walk Away


What this moment means to me,
Only you know, my heart!
But I know this can not last for long
This is where we have to part
No words can ever pour my misery
No tears can ever say
I’m sorry I cannot tell you
I would have to walk away

 Silhouette of Man Walking in Tunnel. Light at End of Tunnel

I have to walk away now
Leaving you here, cold and forlorn
It would only take a moment or two
Before you forget I was gone
But if I tell you the truth now
You would risk your life to sympathize
I would die before causing you any hurt
I am too weak to see tears in your eyes
But I wish one day you recognize
That I too have killed myself and cried
May be one day you’ll see through me
And see why I had lied
You’re not wrong to call me a sinner
Or even a ditcher in dismay
You have all the right reasons
Because on you, I walked away
I know it won’t be easy to forget me
But I pray one day you will
No matter how much you curse me
I will love you still

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Vintage Key Display

I am generally not one of those people who can’t get rid of things because of their sentimental value. I think I am pretty down to earth when it comes to most things which are no longer being used. I am the one in the house who has been throwing away empty perfume bottles from my mom’s dressing table and telling her that she needs to forget who gave them the scent and remember that they’re finished. My family likes to hold on to memories far more than I do.
I arranged my dads keys for a DIY vintage key frame