I silently diffuse into the mist
Where there is no soul in sight
It’s twenty past the midnight
Will I ever come to light?

Too many dreams are unlived
Too many words need a rhyme
Scattered are a zillion thoughts
What’s killing me is only time

They say time is eternal
Yet it waits for no one
I know I’ll never walk this road again
What is done cannot be undone

I’ve already thought this over
And done all I could to comprehend
I’ve lost all signs of reason now
I’m dying to know the end

Anxious and lost I stand
Will I ever know which way to choose?
I have to take my pick now
But I cannot afford to lose

Will I find the path to success?
What if I make a mistake?
Will I ever live my dreams?
There is just too much at stake

Too many choices stab me
as I am taken aback

I’m jittery, I’m fretful
A decision is what I lack

I decide to push every thought aside
only my instincts, I will obey
I’m lost in my emptiness
as the night slowly fades me away

Written in March 2008
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