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Organizing Chaos Series: Phone, PC, Office & DVDs


Good afternoon you guys! I hope you all are well. I love bumping into people I barely know and hearing their stories on how Organizing Chaos inspired them to keep cleaner closets or more organized jewelry. I’m thankful to all of you who take out time from your busy routines to read and comment on this space. For all those who tell me that they tried to comment but couldn’t without registering, I have added an option for anonymous commenting. It is very simple to comment on this blog now. All you need to do is select anonymous from the dropdown list and comment with your name. Comments are what makes all this worth it really.

Organization doesn’t only cover tangible aspect of our lives but also intangible like computers, phones, portable hard disks and online space e.g. Email, Dropbox, Skydrive & 4shared. Most of us have internet in our mobile phones and laptops which has made information more accessible. We need to now make sure that we are not facing information overload. Some of us may say, “well we have bigger issues to worry about and can’t be bothered to think about these details”. Fair enough! As long as your main folders are in place, you search for files fairly easily, and are not having space/speed issues; its all good.


 My phone’s home screen

Cell phone

Life in the twenty first century can not even be imagined without a cell phone. It has become a persons most valuable possession. When my last phone got nicked from office locker in Slough, I suddenly became so helpless. All my people contacts, important messages, Namaz timing, to-do lists and even grocery lists were saved in there.  It actually felt like a part of me was stolen. Although it was insured, and replaced with a newer version in about two weeks, I never really fully recovered from the loss. Luckily these days it is much easier to restore data. Our applications, contacts, gallery, calendar and messages can easily be backed up online. If you have accounts on Hotmail or Gmail, you can simply sync all your contacts online. Because a mobile phone is used so much, it is one of the most commonly lost/damaged items also. This is why we must keep syncing our accounts online to avoid losing our data.


S Planner synced with my Google account


Phone calendars

One of the best ways to lead an organized life is by using our phone calendar to mark important events. Our brain can not possibly remember all dates and events. So it is best to use them in our planner. It also displays reminders on the screen so we don’t forget important facts. Most of us these days don’t write a journal everyday. Later on, we keep wondering when we bought our new car or when was our dog born. Using your phones calendar is an effective way to mark important events which we can look back to, later on.



Mobisle Notes Application on my phone


Notes App

The importance of keeping a small diary in your purse can not be denied. A human mind can not possibly remember all the important things that we need to remember in our daily lives. It really is vital to make notes to avoid embarrassment.  These days a diary can be replaced with applications like Mobisle Notes where you keep adding notes, and updating them. In case you lose your phone, they are always backed up online. You don’t need to be connected to the internet for this app at all times. It only needs internet for syncing. Some ideas for notes are:

To do To get Menu Ideas
Movies to get Family ID card Nos Family Car No. plates
Bank Acc Nos. IOU Books to read
Songs to download Family postal addresses F-10 chores
Hisaab Important Birthdays to remember My passwords
Duas Grocery list Tailor clothes list


Ideally we must check our phone gallery periodically in case any videos, applications, pictures or songs can be removed. Having a camera in mobile phones also means more pictures and more folders to organize. It is vital to be able to connect the phone to our laptop. If our smart phone is running slow, we need to transfer all its data either into the PC or sync it with an online account. Once that’s done, we can re-format our phone. Luckily reformatting fixes most of the commonly occurring problems in cell phones.


A screen shot of Mobisle notes app backed up online


I had made a standard grocery list on my phone which is shown above. My extremely busy life made it impossible for me to make a list every time I had to go for groceries. This standard list contained every single item that I could possibly need every week/month. By only glancing through this list at the store, I was reminded about what was finished at home. This is just a little suggestion for you guys to save yourself the hassle of forgetting to buy important groceries from the store.



Laptops have become one of our most important assets. They contain vital information like our passwords, pictures and online banking account details. Hence, it is really important to keep our laptop in working order. Information overload is an issue we all face. If we don’t organize the data on our computers, it will cause our machines to hang up, become slow and ultimately breakdown. That would result into data being lost. It is a good idea never to save our files in C drive on the computer as it contains all program files. Other disk drives can be used for our data. We must also have a reliable external hard disk where we back up our data every few weeks. It isn’t a bad idea to keep all your media files in an external hard drive which is kept accessible next to your laptop. If we don’t keep heavy videos/picture files in our laptop, its performance will be much better.

My desktop
Most operating systems allow you to use widgets on the desktop. My favorite desktop widgets are clock, weather, calendar, currency exchange and sticky notes. I absolutely love using sticky notes on my phone, laptop and office PC. I think its a great way to store temporary information which you can’t afford to forget.


Our office is where we spend more hours awake than we do at home. So it isn’t wrong to call it our second home.  Whether you love it or hate it, it is where you find your self (often staring outside the window) day in and day out. It is true that work is work and it is very rare to be able to love it (except for pay days). There were times I would count my hours/minutes/seconds left till I could leave work. But life is really too short to only love it away from work.
My current office
Over the last few years, I have learned to make my office a place that makes me happy. Each job has issues. To love it despite that, is what our challenge really is. In JD Sports, physical exhaustion was the biggest challenge so I decided to turn it into my workout routine. I told myself that I will probably never get such a job again where I’m exercising all day long so why not make the most of it. I have always been a tom boy and loved sports so I started feeling good about having to run and climb stairs 9 hours at work everyday. Honestly, now when I look back, I know I was at my physical best during that time.

Then being a Supervisor Cashier was extremely stressful as I was accountable for every penny. But I realized that this cash handling experience is important for me and learned to decrease the level of stress by singing along to the loud music at our store.

 Davenport Black Ltd: My office for 2 years

Davenport Black was where we had to convince broke people (with no money) to buy a loan from us by paying £ 69.95 fees (with no solid interest rate information and no exact date to receive it).  It is true that a person had to be completely out of their minds to go ahead with it. Targets were almost impossible and we were answerable to our manager on hourly progress reports. There was no choice, we had to sell – no matter what. Luckily, I was among the top sellers and won iPad, 44 inch TV, xbox & Kinnect in this company. But if someone didn’t perform even for a day, he was just called to the office and sent home. People swore at me on the phone so many times that I’ve lost count but my heartbeat didn’t seem to get used to it. I was called every abusive word in English language. This job sure was stressful. Following are a few ways I made myself happy there:

  Breakfast from office café in Slough


    • Baguette straight from the oven with butter from office café for breakfast
    • By storing chocolates, jellies, cappuccino and soup sachets in my locker


    • Keeping fleece blanket on my lap to make myself cozy on my office chair


    • Making friends with Silky Kohli with whom I cherish every moment spent


  • By keeping nail polishes and wipes in desk drawer to enlighten my mood
 September incentives prize list at Davenport Black Limited, UK


 November incentive prize list at Davenport Black Limited, UK

After my retail experiences, I value my office a lot more now. I love having the space to myself. I make sure the cleaning lady cleans it up properly every day and then I have my air spray to cheer up my mood. When it comes to office management, one point worth mentioning is that one must never go to their boss’s office without a diary and a pen. The reason is that we must write down points of what needs to be done, even when we think we’ll remember it.

 Business card holders




In case you buy DVDs from a shop that does not have labeled DVDs, it is most important to mark them with a permanent marker the moment you open their seal. A marker can be placed in your drawer just next to the DVD player for your convenience.


Marked DVD
Having unmarked DVDs lying all over your house is a big disaster. There is no point of having a big collection, if the movie boxes have a different DVD inside or are empty.


 DVD collection in Islamabad


Ideally DVDs should be sorted with respect to their category. Indian, Pakistani and English is one way. Then genre is another (horror, suspense, drama, romantic or cartoon). Preferably, the seasons of DVDs should be in ascending order for our convenience. Depending on our mood, we can browse through the sections.


   DVD Drawer at my mom’s house
That was all for today. I would love you all to comment on how you feel about the topics. The next post on Organizing Chaos is something that excites me. Its all about Traveling kits. Its especially for those of you who are crazy about exploring new places. Thanks for reading.


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