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Mini Travel Series: Panjpeer Rocks

Today on Mini Travel Series is a place near Islamabad, Pakistan which is one of my most favourite trips ever.

Located in Kahuta, PANJPEER ROCKS are approx 2 hours 40 minutes’ drive from Islamabad. These are among the highest and the most beautiful ridges in Kotli Sattian region. Locals believe this was a place where five saints lived hence it’s called Panjpeer.

From the parking area, it is about 45 minutes trek to the top. Panjpeer rocks are full of big sized lizards.

On a clear day, Panjpeer offers stunning views of mountains, rivers and nearby valleys. This place is beyond gorgeous and a must-see for travel enthusiasts.

I traveled to this exotic place with @discoverpak and my most fun colleagues ever. We had the best time where we played London-stop and race-you-to-that at the edge of the rocks. We enjoyed the journey as we played ‘I spy with my little eye’, ‘clap and hit’, antakshari, dum sherad.

It was the trip of a lifetime. Fully recommended! If you have been there, what are your best memories of the place? 

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