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Lessons I Learned From my Interest in Genealogy

After my interest in the subject Genealogy, I started pondering on some things much more than I did in the past.
My Nana Brigadier M.M. Sarfaraz Khan and Nani Rosemary Anne (in 1956 & 2014)
  • It is family that matters the most in life. Friends come and go but blood will always be blood.
  • No life in this world is eternal. We all will die no matter how old or young, wise or dumb, rich or poor we are. There is a preordained date that has been set for our leaf to fall off the tree. Once we leave, all our hobbies, collections, and other worldly possessions will be left behind.
  • Reality check that we’re here in this world for such a short time. When we read exactly how long our ancestors lived, we are struck with what little time we have and we can prioritize our lives and not take our age for granted.
  • You find peace in your inner self and understand yourself more when you find out who your ancestors were and where they come from.
  • Choosing a husband is no doubt the most important decision of your life as your whole line of descendants will take his name (along with his values, habits and looks =) This decision will also dictate whether the rest of your life will be serene or a constant struggle.
  • We learn to respect our elders. Once we learn about our ancestors life stories and virtues, we feel pride in belonging to a good family and having moral values.


  • One also feels the responsibility to adhere to the culture and trends of ones ancestors. If your forefathers had excellent records and was known to be a good person, you wouldn’t want to ruin their legacy and family reputation. Would you?
  • How important it is to get married and have children. That’s the only way you leave a legacy otherwise you are lost and forgotten as soon as you die.
  • No matter which part of the world you move to, you will never become one of them. You remain what you are and always have been.
  • How we are so lucky to know and be able to meet our cousins. My Nani Rosemary spent 50 years of her life wondering where her cousins had been. We should cherish our family and be there for them. Even if they treat us unfairly, remember that it was not us who chose them, but God chose them for us.
  • Knowing about your ancestors makes you feel connected and closer to them. I have my great great great grandfather Walter Mabert’s (1887-1961) tin boxes and stamp album and my great grandfather Major Malik Muzafar Khan (1901-1989)’s diary.
My great grandfather Major Malik Muzafar Khan’s (1901-1989) diary
  • It shouldn’t be a choice but a responsibility of one sibling from each generation to keep a softcopy record of everyone in your extended family. It is vital to scan and preserve pictures of our ancestors for our younger generations.
Rosemary and Nadiya
My Nani Rosemary (1934-) and me, Nadiya (1985-) in 2012
The world is shaped by two things – stories told and the memories they leave behind” – Vera Nazarian
Freda Dorothys autograph to Rosemary  Autograph given by Freda Dorothy May (1912-1957)  to Rosemary Anne (1934-) in 1950

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