Genealogy Journal – Part V (Family Trees)

Genealogy Journal – Part V (Family Trees)

Dear Readers, 

In this journal, we started off with Introduction. Then followed My Pedigree and my Important finds. Now we are finally moving on to Family Trees section which will be shared in this post. 

Family trees section starts here

My dads, dada’s and dadi’s trees

My great great grand parents, papa’s nani’s, and my nanas nana’s. 

My nana’s family tree

My nani’s parents trees

My nani’s fathers tree

My nani’s parents side

My nanas ancestors showing no signs of women on this planet
My nana’s ancestors

My nana’s dadi’s 

My great great grandfathers

Robin and Keith Young 

Gul-e-Gulsher (Our ancestral home ancestry)

It concludes with a big family tree made on different A4 papers with pencil which is folded inside the journal. This tree includes all my known relatives. 

Next part in this series is about Blogs and articles. Stay tuned. 

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  1. This looks unreal. I would love to hold it and see if you actually made this master piece yourself. This is beyond AMAZING!!!! All the best….

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