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Mutual Funds

Truth Be Told: Mutual Funds at Meezan Bank

Truth Be Told: Mutual Funds at Meezan Bank Purpose Today I have decided to share my bad experience with Meezan Bank’s Mutual Funds Investment only to save others the agony of dealing with them. Background I have been working for ...


Moments That Move Us

There are some moments in life which change our perception and the way we see things. I had such a moment this week. I have been seriously unwell last whole week which is why I was away from Instagram and Insta-stories. We have literally been ...


Major Life Change

A lot of you have been inquisitive about an upcoming change in my life. For months now, I have been getting messages on my Insta-stories asking me why I am packing up. For the past 6 months, everything that has happened in my life has been affected ...

Nadiya Najib

Nadiya Najib