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Learning to Appreciate Criticism

Sharing a little incident from the Tennis courts I used to get very defensive when I heard something unpleasant about me. I always took praise well but criticism with a pinch of salt. I disliked those who had nothing better to say than a comment ...


So… What Do You Do?

Socializing is very important for our well-being in many different ways. In order to mingle with others and to break the ice we have to start with some very basic questions like: ‘What do you do?. Unfortunately, a lot of people these days ...


What Tennis Means to me

My first memories with the game start as early as third grade. Papa brought us sisters Spider-Man rackets. Initially my sister and I both went with our dad to the Tennis courts. She lost interest in the sport later. I was the tom boy. I have ...

Nadiya Najib

Nadiya Najib