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15 Pakistani Dramas I Loved & Hated Watching

All my close friends and my loyal Instagram followers know very well that I am obsessed with Pakistani Dramas. I have watched most of the dramas on YouTube not on live TV because I feel its easier for me to watch them when I want and when I have ...


My Love for Audio Books

Let’s enjoy and learn through audio books About Reading Reading is essential for success. It is great for self-improvement, connecting your brain, gaining experience from other people, improving understanding and boosting imagination & ...


Best Upbeat Desi Pop

Intro Today on ‘Gana Gana Series’, let’s get loud. Let’s hear it for some upbeat Desi Pop! Some of these songs give me really happy feels and even uplift my spirits. Music apps I use I listen to songs mostly in the background while ...


Best Desi Romantic Songs

Intro Hi guys! Welcome back to the ‘Gana Gana Series’ on the blog. Todays post is all about relaxing on the weekend and enjoying some really romantic songs with your loved one. Music apps I use I listen to songs mostly in the background ...


Best Desi Sad Songs

Intro Excited to launch ‘Gana Gana Series’ on the blog with sad songs. There is something about sad songs that I love. Many of my all-time favourite songs have a tone of melancholy in them. It’s probably because I often think about ...


Shireen’s Studio – A Creativity Hub

Taking my mom Shireen’s birthday as an opportunity to talk about her work, writing and creative sessions. I have always known Mama as an author ever since I was a child. She has not only been an outstanding writer, but also an amazing ...


Book Review: The Sun and her Flowers

I just finished this incredible book ‘The sun and her flowers’ by Rupi Kaur. I absolutely loved reading it and finished it within two days. It is a collection of poetry about grief, self-abandonment, honoring ones roots, love and ...

Nadiya Najib

Nadiya Najib