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So… What Do You Do?

Socializing is very important for our well-being in many different ways. In order to mingle with others and to break the ice we have to start with some very basic questions like: ‘What do you do?. Unfortunately, a lot of people these days ...


Kindness towards Animals

My family and I have always been animal lovers. We have enjoyed keeping dogs and cats all our lives.  We even kept chickens, rabbits, birds and squirrels. Our pets have always had their unique personalities and mood swings just like all of us. ...


My Paintings

“Painting is the silence of thought and the music of sight” – Orhun Pamuk How well Orhun has defined art. It sure is something hard to describe, yet a good painting enriches your soul in more ways than you know. Its a ...


13 Lessons Chess Taught me About Life

Introduction I learned the game probably at 7. I love how it constantly requires you to think. I have seen my Nani and Nana play this game all my life. It has been their favourite past time. My earliest memory is that they would let my sister ...

Nadiya Najib

Nadiya Najib