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Patriotism for Pakistan

After exploring Europe, far east, USA and middle east, I have been on a mission to explore my own country. I have been stunned by its sheer beauty, the exuberant tones of the mountains, rivers and sea are hypnotising. You have to see it to believe ...


18 Ways to Serve Pakistan This Year

Introduction We are celebrating the nations birthday today so its natural to feel the sense of nationalism. Through this article, I want to encourage patriotism all year long. “Patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the ...


Pakistani National Songs Playlist

When 14th August comes every year, we all go out and celebrate with national songs. Even if we are not that patriotic otherwise, we know how to party hard on our freedom anniversaries!  Independence is the biggest blessing of Allah. We can only ...


Mini Travel Series: Mushkpuri

I am ecstatic to bring to you the great Mushkpuri [9400+ ft] on Mini Travel Series today. It is the second highest mountain peak in Galiyat region after Miranjani [9872 ft] and is located within Ayubia National Park. We hiked up to the top ...


Mini Travel Series: Rowing at Rawal Lake

I had very limited time in Islamabad (right before moving to Canada) and a lot of friends to meet, so I asked eight of my friends to join me at ‘Rawal Lake’ on a Saturday morning. I became friends with these during different stages of ...


Hiking on Trail 6, Islamabad

Islamabad has been ranked second in the most beautiful capitals of the world (Referenced here). It is true. Every time, I’m back to my city, it takes my breath away. I can’t help noticing the vibrant green colours and the sheer ...


Mini Travel Series: Hiran Minar

Even before I moved to Lahore two years ago, I had this place listed in my wish list. Whenever, we planned a trip with friends or colleagues, I always suggested this place but unfortunately no such plan was made while our stay there. Two days ago, ...

Nadiya Najib

Nadiya Najib