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Oscar Mike Golf!

Hello everyone! We all have seen the drama Alpha Bravo Charlie but I get surprised when I hear that many people around haven’t heard of the Phonetic Alphabets. Here is another effort to organize our lives just a little bit more. Whenever ...


Mind Your Muck!

Introduction Our responsibility as citizens Each one of us has a duty to be a responsible citizen. We have legal, social and moral obligations which we owe to our country which has given us everything, above all the freedom to reside in it as and ...


My Bedtime Routine

I have always been a night person. I absolutely hate waking up in the morning. Even though I’ve been doing 9-6 for a really long time now. This routine isn’t my piece of cake. I keep snoozing my alarm till I have to literally run to ...


Monthly Budgeting & Saving

Introduction Allah is really generous and takes care of us in every way. Even if we tried we will not be able to thank Him for his countless blessings. It’s amazing how we live month after month spending away our resources and yet we have ...


Must-Have Mobile Apps

It is impossible to deny, that we are now truly in the digital age. If we have to name one gadget which has changed our lives the most, we have to give the credit to our smartphones.    Home screens and installed apps They have really changed ...


Organising Chaos – Car

Dear Readers, I hope you all are well. I have got an excellent feedback on Organizing Chaos series on the blog. Just as a reminder, we have already been through 13 parts. In case you have missed out on any, following are the links: Organizing ...

Nadiya Najib

Nadiya Najib