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Organizing Chaos: Handbag & Wallet

Handbags Importance A handbag is the only thing that we carry around with us where ever we go, so it sort of becomes our comfort blanket. When we’re away from home and suddenly need a tissue (thanks to the cold or spicy food), we dig into our ...


Organizing Chaos Series: Toilet

Importance of clean toilets Good morning you guys. Today organising chaos is focusing on the place of our house, in which cleanliness is the most important, yet avoided in discussions. The significance of keeping toilets clean can never be ...


Organizing Chaos: Jewellery

Introduction I was a complete tom boy till the age of 20. That was when I got my ears pierced as well. Since then, I have been fond of wearing earrings, necklaces, nose pins and rings. I think jewellery is one of the main factors that ...


Organizing Chaos: Kitchen

I have to admit, kitchen is one place where I love organizing the most. My real OCD self is at full bloom when it comes to kitchen. I love the little spice jars and labelling them is my favourite part. I’m also really fond of arranging fridge ...


Organizing Chaos: Cosmetics

 My make up organizer Retail therapy is real. The happiness I feel after buying cosmetics cheers me up more than anything else.  There is a tremendous thrill of purchasing just that orange lipstick shade or that emerald green eyeliner I had ...


Organizing Chaos: Footwear

Importance of comfortable footwear I never realized the importance of wearing comfortable shoes until I got a severe foot condition (warts and verrucas). I had to visit the podiatrist a number of times to seek relief from the excruciating pain. ...

Nadiya Najib

Nadiya Najib