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Collaborated Tips for a Blissful Marriage

Introduction My husband and I celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary yesterday. In the article I shared then, I talked about the importance of a blissful marriage, what he means to me, what I value the most in our relationship and finally my ...


Tips For a Blissful Marriage

Importance of a Blissful Marriage A good marriage can make your life heaven and a bad one can really make it hell. Therefore, all possible effort should be put in making it a happy and peaceful home for yourself and for the future generations. ...


15 Traits of a Man you Should NOT Marry

Nature of a man No matter how much we try, we can never ever change the nature of a man. So it’s best to never get involved with a maniac and save your own self. Our life partners play a major role in our personality as marriage is the most ...


Lets Talk Divorce

I have been following a blogger named Shehzeen who runs Desi Wonder Woman. Recently, she urged her readers to share their experience and be a source of hope for those who are suffering or are trapped in bad marriages. A lot of my blog fans have ...


Marriage Lessons for Young Couples

It is true that we only learn through experience. But I feel it is too risky to learn about marriage once you’re in it. Its best to learn through others experience and know whats right and whats wrong. I feel quite strongly about this topic. ...


13 Things You Must Know Before Getting Married

Intro Marriage is no doubt the most important decision of a persons life which is why we should always pray for a good life partner. A decision to marry a good man certainly makes your life heaven and a decision to marry a bad man surely makes it ...

Nadiya Najib

Nadiya Najib