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Simple & Creamy Broccoli Soup Recipe

Introduction Normally I dislike vegetables but I absolutely love this soup. Very few things in the world are both delicious and healthy at the same time, this is surely one of them. I started loving this soup ever since it was served to me outside ...


13 Smoothie Ideas

Introduction My all-time favourite beverage is a Smoothie. I don’t really care for the one made from purees or concentrates. When it comes to smoothies, I want it fully organic – fruit, vegetables, milk, yogurt and honey. This post is ...


Fry Your Own Fish – Recipe

Have a crunchy Iftari Introduction Sharing a very simple yet tasty fried fish recipe on the blog today. Try it and spread the happiness to your loved ones. All you need: Fish, flour, egg, lemon, vinegar & spices. #BringItOn When I was ...


Pan-Fried Beef Steak Recipe

I never decided on this post as I am myself new in Steak area. My husband loves it. So I tried it for him twice in our new apartment. Last time I used no oil and made it in the oven. This time, I made up my own concoction which was inspired from ...


Frothy Hot Chocolate Recipe

Let’s face it! We all have craved sipping something warm (and creamy) during these terribly cold nights. Today I’m sharing a simple recipe for making deadly hot chocolate at home. Try it and let me know your thoughts. Serves: ...


Quench Your Thirst This Iftar With Frothy Lassi

  After water and dates, there is nothing more satisfying at Iftar time than a yummy glass of home-made Lassi. It is revitalizing, energizing and gives you that perfect kick to boost the rest of your day. It’s also super easy ...


Baked Marshmallow, Strawberry and Nutella Wraps

Hi guys! I have been so caught up that I haven’t been able to blog in a while. My younger sister Waliya was over from Islamabad for a few days as she was invited as a judge at Lums photography competition. She had also arranged for some ...

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Nadiya Najib