…And I Walk Away


What this moment means to me,

Only you know, my heart!

But I know this can not last for long

This is where we have to part


No words can ever pour my misery

No tears can ever say

I’m sorry I cannot tell you

I would have to walk away

 Silhouette of Man Walking in Tunnel. Light at End of Tunnel


I have to walk away now

Leaving you here, cold and forlorn

It would only take a moment or two

Before you forget I was gone


But if I tell you the truth now

You would risk your life to sympathize

I would die before causing you any hurt

I am too weak to see tears in your eyes


But I wish one day you recognize

That I too have killed myself and cried

May be one day you’ll see through me

And see why I had lied


You’re not wrong to call me a sinner

Or even a ditcher in dismay

You have all the right reasons

Because on you, I walked away


I know it won’t be easy to forget me

But I pray one day you will

No matter how much you curse me

I will love you still

Background of the poem
This poem was written in 2007 on uncle Nasrullah and his fiance’. Our dear uncle Nasrullah was a pilot in PAF when he had a car accident in Algeria at the age of 26 in around 1982. He was very handsome. Unfortunately after the accident, he became a paraplegic. He then broke off his engagement so his fiancé’s life wouldn’t be affected by his disability. He didn’t want to be a burden on his family so he opted to live in a hospital room. He spent almost 30 long years on a bed in one room and gradually his condition worsened.  His sister had nicely decorated his room with a big saying ‘so what!’. Ultimately his whole body got paralyzed and he developed an allergy because of which he couldn’t be taken outdoors at all. Inspite of the circumstances, he was always jovial and full of life. He had a voice recognition software in his computer with him and spent his time reading, writing and sending emails. He wrote for ‘The Review’ also. He is the bravest person I have known. He passed away in 2008. May Allah bless his soul. Ameen.   
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